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Logic Benchmarks

Discussion in 'Logic' started by pan, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. pan

    pan Guest

    Hello, dear logic users and such to become!

    To elaborate, what it needs to run logic on a PC or Mac, it would be somewhat interesting, what YOU are able to do with logic with different hardware-setups:

    This could become an interesting database -

    Tell us about your computer and harddisks, what hard- and software you use with it, what maxes out your system in terms of plugin-load and audiotracks.
    (or tell us, how happy you are running Notator on Atari)

    What kind of music do you work on?

    In what environment do you work with logic?
    Is it a (live)-recording studio or a synth-based home-studio

    What are advantages or disadvantages of your current system?

    Is your system stable?

    Come on, let's show off, how powerful logic really is!

  2. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    Pan wrote:
    Hey Garysjo! Yes I can follow you, I thought twice about closing that topic, but I decided to do so, because this tread was lacking of real information.
    we cannot give tips about additions or upgrades to equipment we don't know!-> Yasu did not even specify, what system he uses and you already came up with tips for cards - withoutdescribing the system you are running yourself.This does not help anyone.

    Pan, thanks for responding! I think we're on the same wavelength. My System:

    Athlon 850 oc'd to 1.3
    256K Sdram
    Matrox 450 dual head
    40gig IBM IDE system drive
    60gig IBM IDE audio drive
    Abit KT7 Raid mobo (not operating Raid config) am using ATA 100
    RME hammerfall
    2 19" Hitachi montitors

    Using a DA7 as front end and basic midi fader, pan control, etc. (would like to find an environment though)

    So far, very stable despite what you read about AMD, VIA, overclocking, etc. No problems setting up the system, much to my surprise. I'm an old analog guy, who took the dive into the DAW world and am loving it so far (do need some warmth on the front end, however). have not done any of the tests yet, although my usage varies from recording live sixteen channels of two one hour sets, without a hitch, to 32 channel mixes. Have done up to 32 channel mixes with out having any plug-in problems. I believe i used 3-4 plat verbs, many compressors and a few delays, again no problems. So although I havn't done done any official tests, in my real world applications, the system has served me well. Looking quite forwad to improved automation, however. Multiple undos would also be great, but i guess we're not getting that with 5.0

    i will say, on a few rare occasions, at times of non-taxing CPU usage, I have gotten Asio overload errors, which I don't quite understand. I re-boot Logic and all is OK. Hence, my curiosity with the previous negative comment on Asio support in Logic.
  3. pan

    pan Guest

    ... recording live sixteen channels of two one hour sets, without a hitch, to 32 channel mixes. Have done up to 32 channel mixes with out having any plug-in problems. I believe i used 3-4 plat verbs, many compressors and a few delays, again no problems. ...

    I think this is a fair basis to start off with - from one drive. A raid could pay off with a higher trackcount - disk got so cheap anyways, at least compared to tape!

    Your 256k is the cache?, or did you mean 256MB RAM, what would be kind of a handbrake for your system.

    Most time I have to restart is, when involving pluginsit'd been the hardware(driver), that twisted the software. *most* of the time, you can track those faults down to bad installation/instability of the Wordclock-cirquitry of the AD/DAs. -Is your(Panasonic?)DA7 set up as the WC-master? And how about the latency through that desk?

    ...but hey! Where's everyone? Any Mac-setups out there?

    CU, Niko
  4. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    Your 256k is the cache?, or did you mean 256MB RAM, what would be kind of a handbrake for your system.

    Yes, 256MB RAM. Just picked up the EXS24 and Recycle 2.0 this weekend. Definitely will be doubling the amount of RAM. I do have the DA7 set up as master. Originally I believe I was using the Hammerfall as master, but I seem to get better results clocking off the DA7. When tracking overdubs, I'll turn off software monitoring and montitor directly from the DA7, therefore latency is not an issue. I have tracked with software monitoring on and been successfull w/the Hammerfall down to 3ms latency, as long as I am not up to a high track count.

    My latest quandary is to get recycle and logic running at the same time. I'm using 4.8. I assign recycle to say outputs 15 & 16 of the hammerfall, then delete those outputs from the logic environment. I get audio in Logic, then go to recycle and get audio there. The problem is when I go back to Logic, I get no sound. I have to re-boot Logic. Any ideas??
  5. pan

    pan Guest

    Try the option "release audio in background" (or similar) this did not work for me on Mac, but might work in your setup.
    And yes - for use with EXS at least double your RAM!

  6. dscott11

    dscott11 Guest

    Hi There!
    First post must be Logical!
    I'm running LogicRocket...
    S900 Supermac (604e 250MHz), 128MB RAM, 2Gig Atlas II, 2 ea. 8.5Gig Barracudas (one system, one audio only), using onboard 16bit/44.1KHz A/D-D/A.
    I would sure like to try getting into LAP, but I'm not sure if I would have to upgrade processor and memory, not to mention add a USB port for the dongle (does emagic have a serial or adb dongle?).
    Anyhow, Logic is pretty darn cool!!
  7. pan

    pan Guest

    Welcome Dave!

    I'm running LogicRocket...

    Ah you're using the free logic-version ;)
    Well...you miss a lot, is all I can say :cool:

    ...using onboard 16bit/44.1KHz A/D-D/A.
    I would sure like to try getting into LAP, but I'm not sure if I would have to upgrade processor and memory,
    Memory is always a good thing...
    but what is your intention in using logic? Will you add a decent soundcard or interface like Dodgy 007 or a MooToo-system? That would be the first and most important step to a professionally acceptable audio-quality.

    ... , not to mention add a USB port for the dongle (does emagic have a serial or adb dongle?).

    The Version 5 Dongle will be USB only, but V4 Dongles are also available as ADB for Mac.(serial for PC?)
  8. dscott11

    dscott11 Guest

    Thanks for the info...
    Yes, I really should consider some serious upgrading. I've been playing music for way too long to admit, have done sound reinforcement and recording in the analog realm... Finally started going after multitracking on the computer a couple of years ago. One application is for doing voiceover and production for radio, tv, video, industrials. I've actually had a little success using a Shure KSM32, dbx286A, into the computer, mix etc. then CD or MP3 to the client. Of course 16/44 is a limitation, I recently found out that the video/film standard for voice/music production is 48K! (16/20/24 bit?). Ive been playing around with PTFree also, so the 001 does look interesting, but I think the motu828 may have longer term usage for both in-house and portable production possibilities. Who knows! maybe a few paying gigs could yield the upgrade I need!
    a voice/demo can be found at:
    Thanks again for the info!
  9. I have a G4 450MP, 704MB RAM, Atto Ultrawide SCSI-3 PCI-card, 1 Cheeta 9 Gb, 1 lacie 18 Gb, MOTU 2408, Yamaha 01V OS 9.2.2, Logic 4.7.3 and a TC powercore card that I havenĀ“t started using yet. Plus various softsynths and waves 3.0

    A normal song for me, when mixing, would end up around 30-40 tracks, 2-3 Exs24, 1 evp88 and perhaps an additional softsynt or two. Since I use the Renaissance compressor for many of my tracks I have to do a little bit of bounceing. I often also bounce Aduio instrument tracks before mixing to release processor power. Apart from that I use 1 trueverb, one or two delays, 1 mondo mod or something similar. All plugins that are more or less experimental I bounce with the sound before mixing, for example; Autofilter, bitcrusher etc.
    This works fine for me...anyone else?
  10. Yeah, BTW...If I have a lot of backing vocals (which happens a lot) then I open my backing vocals autoload and import all the parts there, and then bounce each harmony part with a little panning, compression and, perhaps, auto tuning into a stereo track and import them back into the song... :D
  11. pan

    pan Guest

    Hey Oscar!
    Great tip! - nice to have you on board!

  12. Dedric

    Dedric Guest

    Logic 4.8 on Athlon XP 1900, Gigabyte GA7-DXR+ motherboard, 1G Mushkin PC2100 DDRam, 2 Maxtor D740X 60G ATA133 drives (running ATA100), Win XP Pro (tweaked), RME Digiface (great for low latency), UAD-1, and Unitor-8.

    In a pure CPU use test (from www.digitalnaturalsound.com) I can run 32 stereo Platinum verbs with Windows' performance set for applications, and 33 with it set for background.

    I just built this system (was on an old PII with Logic for mostly midi) so I don 't have any realworld numbers yet. So far I've had 40 stereo tracks up with about 20 plugins for a rough test (Platinum verbs and UAD plugins). I think the MSI Nvidia based boards may be a little faster for some reason, but this is powerful enough for most mixes.

    Some issues I've come across - this motherboard's bios seems to cause IRQ sharing problems for the RME and UAD cards in APIC mode, but works fine in PIC mode. Logic seems to be working very well on Win XP Pro. I have Logic 5 on the way, and will be testing some more numbers with Waves plugins.

  13. Hello,

    In my case LAP 4.7 makes a very good and stable use of a poor gear: one iBook (yes, that's all I've got now, after all my previous stuff got stolen). G3 600 MHz, 384MB SDRAM, internal disk, internal audio Mac AV driver. The rest of my gear is still in my dreams.

    I hook my Korg N5 via MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI interface and use some softsynths and samplers. Can't have more than 3 or 4 audioinstrument tracks working at the same time so I have to bounce a lot. That's working for me and I'm already happy with what I've got. Very decent results and stability.

    Sometimes I get a "disk too slow warning", Mac AV or type 1,2,3 errors (memory).

    Next pieces to be added for a portable setup will be a MOTU 828, Focusrite Octopre preamp unit, external 80 GB Firewire OWC hard drive. More memory would also be good.

  14. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Man posts from Peru! Awsome!

    Hi I use ProTools,

    When I encounter Logic sessions, I import from burned CDRs usually,

    Logic wont work with my desk - Digidesign Pro Control - I MUST use PT software.

    In my studio, I have a table where a visiting DAW can sit, get wordclock and give me 24 outs or 1 x AES feed to my patchbay... The Logic operator can sit there AWAY FROM ME!

    :) :) :)

    the new OMF features in Logic are of interest to me but I am a rock & roll engineer and a little bit stupid! So forgive m ignorance! I only record audio from mic's very very little midi!


    Thank you.
  15. gunndrum

    gunndrum Guest

    Well, I just received my v.5 upgrade and I'm finally going to devote the time to learning Logic. I've used DP for the past nine years, but crossgraded to Logic v.4.8.1 earlier this year in anticipation of v.5. I'm using a Dual 533, OS9.1, 1.12 GB RAM, TC Powercore, Waves Gold bundle, TC Native bundle, 2 MOTU 896's. I will also be taking my TiBook around with Logic on it for remote sessions.

    I hope you all don't mind me popping in and asking glaring newbie questions from time to time as I wrap my head around this new environment (pun intended....).


  16. Hey Don,

    Glad you join this forum. We met at DP's (you told me about the OWC FireWire drive, which BTW will be added to my setup soon).

    Just wondered why did you finally choose Logic over DP, just like I did (though I personally would call it an upgrade).

    I've been working with both PT and DP and get used to DP really fast. But, oposed to DP, Logic runs on my white iBook faster and more stable. I changed because the wrapper couldn't do the job with VST instruments and plugs within my system, but accidentally found many functions to be more intuitive and quicker in Logic.

    Hope you enjoy Logic and also hope I can help you some time, even though I'm not an expert.


  17. gunndrum

    gunndrum Guest

    Hi Capi,

    Good to see you here, too! My desire to check out Logic is really one of curiousity more than anything; most of my musical heroes use Logic and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. :D Better integration with VSTi's is also a plus, and the automation in v5 finally caught up to DP's; that was a BIG selling point for me. Logic Control is also on my short list of purchases now; having a controller designed solely around Logic is wonderful. MOTU is missing the boat on this one.



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