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Logic Express or upgrade to Cubase SL?

Discussion in 'Logic' started by krank, May 31, 2005.

  1. krank

    krank Guest

    I have an iBook 1.2GHz with 756mb RAM. I'm getting an interface bundled with Cubase LE, which means I can get an upgrade to SL for about the price of Logic Express.

    What I'm primarily after:

    1) A user-friendly interface. Something intuitive that I can pretty much figure out without reading the manual thoroughly.

    2) A drum sequencer that plays .waw samples.

    3) Detailed MIDI-programming, piano roll-style. Again, has to be easily accessible.

    4) Lots of processing/tweaking of sounds. I guess this means comprehensive EQ and at least 5 effects per track.

    5) Mastering and dithering. I wan't to be able to make recordings that I can burn straight to CD.

    I *won't* need: pre-recorded loops, time-stretching, pitch-shfting, lots of tracks, audio analysis, music score notation.

    So, what to buy? Any input much appreciated.

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