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Looking for a decent Headphone Amp

Discussion in 'Recording' started by alfugazi, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. alfugazi

    alfugazi Active Member

    Hi Folks...Was wondering if anyone can suggest a decent Headphone amp. Preferably at least 6 channel.

    I was checking out the ART HeadAmp6Pro and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using this? If so, is it a noisy unit or is there something better in the same range? I would prefer rack mount. Its always nice to see the toys lined up in one area. lol...

  2. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    I've only had two headphone amps so this is hardly the voice of experience. The first was a Behr(*&% and it was extremely noisy and makes a perfect doorstop for holding open my space's door on windy days and the ART which I have been happy with. If I am checking on mixes I still use the headphone outlet in the Presonus but it does a reasonable job of providing good mixes for tracking purposes.
  3. alfugazi

    alfugazi Active Member

    thanks jg...I was reading somewhere about the behr(cough cough)...units being very noisy. I have been looking for reviews on the ART model but there doesnt seem to be much available. 6 channels should be more than enough...I mean Im not recording Earth, Wind and Fire or anything...

    Im looking for a low-cost way so that I and a few others can record multiple instruments at one time. Its too bad it doesnt have a talk-back function but I suppose I will just have to rough it for now. At least until I buy another Firestudio Project...lol.....
  4. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Check out e-Bay; theres a Rane HC6 listed with a price of $60. This is a professional piece, and the amps in it (6) are bullett-proof and LOUD.This box will KILL anything else out there, and it rack-mounts, to boot.
  5. alfugazi

    alfugazi Active Member

    moonbaby...I think thats an auction. Not the actual price. Those normally go for $300-400 range. Thanks anyways...
  6. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Used? BULL!! No they don't...I have 2 that I got for around $100-120 apiece (on e-Bay). They're great, nobody bitches about not hearing their mix. Put in a bid, it can't hurt, you never know, seriously...there are right now 3 at under $100...that one at $65 is going off in 19 hours. If you have an e-Bay account, make a grab for it...very little bidding these days on this type of thing and it's a buyers market. Be agressive, you'll be rewarded for it. 90% of what ART makes sucks and the other 10% is just dumb luck.
  7. alfugazi

    alfugazi Active Member

    I dont typically buy used stuff off of ebay. If you go on that guys page it says that he used it in his studio. Check out sweetwater and you'll see those units normally go for. They typically go for $300-400 range. Im not making this stuff up. honest.

    Also, when you say that ART products typically suck have you had any experience with this specific unit? If so I'd like to hear your opinion.
  8. jammster

    jammster Active Member

    "Looking for a decent headphone amp"

    Just not willing to pay for it?

    Your loss.

    Moonbaby's right, Rane makes great stuff. I'd take a used Rane on ebay over a new Art any day.

    Just make sure the seller has 100% positive feedback, problem solved.
  9. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Yes, I realize that e-Bay is a bidding process...maybe you should read my post a little more carefully. And the prices you posted for the HC6 are NEW. Gear like that Rane holds up very well, much better than ART. And, just for the record, I have made the mistake of buying some ART gear in my 30+ years of doing recording and live sound. It was bad enough when I tried using their digital FX, a compressor, and a Tubepac preamp when they were made in the US. The performance was noisey with no headroom, the knobs/switches/buttons were crap and failed easily, and the digital thingy quickly lost its display shortly after the warranty ran out. Now that they are owned by Yorkville and the manufacturing moved to China, they are even more cheaply built. Even if the guy at Sweetwater gives you a super deal on the ART, I'll bet you the Rane will better long term PROFESSIONAL performance. Like I said previously, my 2 units- with a total of $220 of investment- kick ass over ANYTHING that ART, Presonus, or any other Chinese-built box. Furthermore, if you go to the Rane website and do some research, you'll see that the HC6 was one of their original products and they still make it (and support it) after more than 20 years. But if you don't do e-Bay... :(
  10. alfugazi

    alfugazi Active Member

    Im not doubting the validity that Rane makes good stuff or not. I was asking for feedback on the model made by ART. I certainly dont mind spending a few bucks to get something decent so long as the product holds up and is not noisy. I have heard from a few people that say the ART unit is decent and dont have any problems with it. If it works....well it works right? Problem solved....

    With most products today, most of the components that are in electronics come from china. Not that Rane does this but there are several companies tht outsource thier specs to china....china makes the product and ships it back and the company in turn sells it to retailers/distributors.

    Thanks MB for the info. I do appreciate it. Not sure which direction I plan on taking. I just want something that will hold up, sounds decent enough so that 4 or 5 of us can record without having to deal with a great deal of noise. I will take a peek at Rane and maybe some others.

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