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Looking for a sound card(beginner seeking advice)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by soxoff, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. soxoff

    soxoff Guest

    Im looking for a new soundcard

    but i dont know the first thing about soundcards just need some sense of direction

    Price range: $100-$200
    Here are my specs

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz (1066MHz FSB) (8MB Cache)
    Motherboard: nVidia 680i Core 2 Quad (By: eVGA) (nForce 680i SLI) (A1 Revision)
    Memory: 2GB DDR2 Corsair at 1066MHz Dominator (Dual Channel)
    Hard Drive 1: 500GB (Western Digital / Seagate) (16MB Cache) (7200 RPM) (SATA)
    Optical Drive 1: DVD±R/RW/CD-R/RW (DVD Writer 20x / CD-Writer 48x)
    Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MB (By: eVGA / Asus) (PCI-Express)
    Sound Card: Motherboard Multi-Channel High Definition Audio (7.1 Channel)
    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

    Thanks ahead of time
  2. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Distinguished Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Soundcard for what?
  3. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Moderator Resource Member

    Mar 20, 2008
    currently Billings
    Too cheap. $400. Konnekt 24D

    $300 for Konnekt 8.

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