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Looking for advice on purchasing an audio interface?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by timeoutofmind79, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am extremely new to recording and looking for as much help as I can. I just bought two microphones in a package known as the AT2041 by Audio Technica. This package included the AT2020 and the AT2021. Today, I learned that both these microphones require phantom power.

    I am looking for a cheap interface where I can simultaneously use both microphones as well as possibly another keyboard input or guitar/bass input.

    I am not even sure if I'm using the right terminology here so please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Budget? I'm assuming you're looking for something under $300.00. There's some things you need to divulge.


    1-What computer/operating system are you using?
    2-What software would you like to be using?
    3-How much can you afford to spend?
  3. Mac OSX
    Logic 9 / Garageband
    $200 budget
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Here you go. Pick one. Seriously. At this price there isn't a huge difference between units. Make sure the one you choose has two phantom powered mic inputs. The M-Audio delta series have no preamps with the exception of the 1010lt.

    If I absolutely had to pick one of these I would probably get either the TC electronics Konnect 6 or the Focusrite Saffire USB. Almost all, if not all of the units are Mac/PC compatible.
  5. Aaron Alexander

    Aaron Alexander Active Member

    I'd add to that,

    If you are willing to spend just $50 more you could buy the Apogee ONE interface Buy Apogee ONE USB Interface with Microphone | Audio Interfaces | Musician's Friend

    I own one and the preamps are really great for that price! The only downside is that it has only one input channel, so you can't do stereo recording with it.
  6. lisa001

    lisa001 Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this forum. Want to know more about affordable recording instruments with good sound quality.
  7. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    That question is to open ended. Narrow your question down and use the search feature.
  8. Voiceofallanger

    Voiceofallanger Active Member

    I 100% would recommend a Tascam US-1641. It's clean, it's user friendly, it has blatant peak monitors on the front to make life easier, it has a load of channels and it's cheap as chips. It's the first one I bought and I still use it. If you're just starting out I can recommend this as a solid choice. But then again I'm not nearly one of the most experienced engineers here so maybe get a second opinion on that. But I think the guys have got it dead on when they put it down to choice and preference :) You may have to jump a touch higher on the budget.. But it'll be worth it!
  9. Voiceofallanger

    Voiceofallanger Active Member

    I should also add to my post that the audio interface im talking about has more inputs than 2. I'm very much a future planning kinda guy haha (i think it has 16, i forget). But if you just want to use your two mics for now and not even consider drums then the other guys have highlighted some good choices. I actually got a hold of pro tools 8le with an MBox2 on ebay for £175. I'm not sure what that is in Dollars but it was a sweet deal, that might be worth a look if you're going down the two port interface route. Of course, mentioning your keyboard/bass as well, that might not be what you had in mind but, you could use your mics to record them separately, even if they're perhaps not the ideal 'solo mic choice' for guitars (being condensers.) Don't get me wrong, it can work really well it's just most people use a dynamic mic solo or in conjunction with a condenser for guitar recordings unless they're super experienced with their own whacky methods :) In my opinion the best way to get a guitar down when you're starting out is to just shove an SM57 in front of it in the right place haha :D Simple but effective!
  10. Tizone

    Tizone Guest

    Checkout the focusrite saffire 56. its a beast
  11. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Not for $200 or under.

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