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Looking for all-around Mic recommendations

Discussion in 'Recording' started by scatalogics, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. scatalogics

    scatalogics Guest

    Hi everyone.

    I'm interested in purchasing a mic for home recording purposes that is good for a wide variety of things. I'm mostly recording Vocals, Small Percussion (shakers, tambourines, etc.), and Acoustic Guitar. Any recommendations? My budget is in the $200 range.

    I've been using a Shure BG 2.1 that was a gift, but as my ears are learning I've noticed it sounds thin.

    Most mics I've come across seem good for either vocals or drums, but not both. I'm fairly new to this kind of recording, as I've been doing electronic music with drum machines, samplers, etc. until now, so any advice would be helpful.
  2. droc8705

    droc8705 Active Member

    if you want some variety, you can go with the classic shure sm57/58, and then a budget condenser like the at2020 from audio-technica. both of those together would run you $200. i have them and they're pretty good on everything...maybe not the best, but damn sure good.

    if you want to just get one good mic instead, you might wanna look into the at3035. i don't have one, nor have i used one, but a lot of people that have 'em love 'em.

    search around on this forum. there's plenty of threads that can give you ideas and suggestions. good luck.

  3. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    The answer you seek, in a round-about way, lies here:
  4. rockstardave

    rockstardave Active Member

    you mean damn SHURE good.. get it? it's a microphone joke.

    uh anyways that sounds like a good start... an sm57 and a LDC should be a nice way to begin.
  5. scatalogics

    scatalogics Guest

    Thanks, droc8705, those sound like good suggestions. I am interested in just one mic. I'm going to be recording things in my bedroom for a long time to come, so I can't imagine I'll ever need to do something like mic a drum kit.

    I've been thinking about the sm57 or 58, since they seem to be the most popular and well-regarded mics. One of the things that has held me back is that the sm57 is billed as being for instruments and the sm58 is billed as a vocal mic. Since I wanted something good for both I thought they they may not be the best for all around performance. Am I being silly? I also was hesitant to get the sm57/58 b/c reviews I've read say you really have to yell to get a good signal. I'm a quiet singer, so I've been focusing on condenser mics.

    I have seen many people speak highly of the Audio-Technica's. Does anyone have experience using the AT3035? The reviews I've seen suggest it does a good job with both Vocals and Percussion. I've also heard good things about Kel Audio and the Studio Projects B1 or B3.

    BTW, what's an LDC?

  6. mwacoustic

    mwacoustic Guest

    LDC=Large Diaphragm Condenser. Most of the mics mentioned in the thread (aside from the SM57/58 ) are LDC's. In contrast to SDC (small diaphragm condenser), like SM81 and others.
  7. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member


    The SM57 works on EVERYTHING.

    The SM58 is THE preeminent vocal mic.

    Get 'em, and get recording!
  8. droc8705

    droc8705 Active Member

    i suggested the two mics because combined they fit in your budget. i didn't mean that you could use them at the same time (although it would be a plus). i just thought that'd give you the best of both worlds for the money, and given whatever recording situation, you could pick which one you wanted to use between the two mics instead of having to go with just one for every circumstance without any other options available to you.

    the more mics, the more options you have. the more options you have, the easier you can be creative and get to where you wanna go musically.

    good luck and let us know what you decide.

  9. scatalogics

    scatalogics Guest

    Well, I stumbled across somebody selling the AT3035 for $130 on ebay, so I opted to dive in and give it a shot. Since I found the AT3035 so cheaply I will still get the SM57. Thanks for all the recommendations!

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