Looking for former Led Zeppelin soundmen

Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by zpln100, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. zpln100

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    I am looking for anyone who may know of any former soundmen who worked for the band Led Zeppelin during their concerts in the 1970s.
  2. sheet

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    Where ever they are, they should be well preserved and deaf. Just kidding. It must have been cool mixing for musicians playing with drug induced out of body experiences and 6 dimensional senses.
  3. AQ

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    There are some in the audio community who know these now legendary engineers. Revealing their identities to strangers would be less than professional. Who are you and why are you so curious? If your reason for searching out these professionals is valid, start at the source. Contact the audio company Led Zeppelin used in the 70’s. Do some homework. You’ll find your answer. Good luck.

    Friend of the Famous One.
  4. moonbaby

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    When I saw LZ in '75(?), they were served, I believe, by Showco. Most of the sound companies from that era have sold out to other companies (including Showco), with the exception of Clair and maybe a few others.
    Whoever was their FOH guy (you might check out the credits on their live album) is probably living in Scotland, managing a salmon farm, or whacking divits on a golfcourse. And likes it that way...
  5. zpln100

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    I am a long time collector of Led Zeppelin memorabilia, including concert mixing-board recordings as well as CCTV-sourced video footage, from circa 1973/1975/1977.

    Over the years I've heard that most of these engineers made copies off the board for themselves. Some of these tapes are probably gathering dust in someone's basement right now, and may eventually get disposed of in the future.

    I am looking to purchase these types of collections to add to my own, with the goal of eventually having a complete audio document of every concert from specific tours.

    I should also point out that I do NOT collect so called "bootlegs", or unofficially produced recordings. These are basically useless to me, since the vast majority are sourced from audience recordings.

    Searching for these soundboard recordings takes work, time, and research.
    Whenever I have free time, I do research, I contact people, and place want-ads on the net. Regarding this forum, I thought posting here couldn't hurt, since there is a chance that someone here might be able to put the word out.
  6. jahtao

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    Put that word out people! A noble cause!!

    I have no idea i'm too young...

    ...but i did meet Jimi Page once.......
  7. audiokid

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    did you ever find him?
  8. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Call Turbosound. One of the engineers is there.

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