Lowest priced Master class eq?

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by coldsnow, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. coldsnow

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    Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you have Avalon at around 3K and some others in that price range. Is that about the bottom line for a truely good eq that can be used for mastering. NO Digital please.
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  3. wellpar

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    Without a doubt, Speck. Anything they make or have made, in my experience, in EQ, is competent to pass and shape clean, no IC sounding, analog. It's the attention to circuit topology- "gyrator" style - they use and to the capacitors they pay to include in the signal and feedback circuits, even in their inexpensive IC EQs, that makes them able to compete with the big names on silky sound. It's only one guy (Speck) and he's focused not on the mastering market, but spend a week with a Speck EQ, and you'll know they do sound low 4 figures equivalent - not much to look at though.
  4. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    Thanks I was actually wondering about the Speck ASC eqs. I've heard others say the transformer model is better but I was thinking the transformerless may yield a more accurate signal. What do you think?
  5. mixfactory

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    I got to test the Specks for week. I put them up against my GML8200 and my Avalon 2055. All of these EQ's impart their own characteristics. The GML is probably the most transaparent, with the Specks in second and the Avalon last. The Avalon had way more headroom though than the Specks. With the transformer in, the Avalon's color too me was better. I liked the Specks better without the transformer. They reminded me of an EQ you would find on a pro mixing console, dry and clean with some control. I thought of the EQ in the D&R consoles. If you call Vince@SPeck, he will let you try them out. I didn't end up keeping them, but I have no problem recommending them. I don't know if I would use them in a Mastering situation though. I prefer something with the control and the headroom.
  6. coldsnow

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    Any thoughts on Summit or Focusrite Red?
  7. mixfactory

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    Are you asking for mastering or mixing? Both of those EQ's have their characteristics. The Summit's are very colored, so that kinda rules it out for mastering situation. I was never crazy about the Focusrite Red EQ. The Blue EQ is a better EQ, but nothing to write home about. If you are looking for a mastering EQ, I would think something more transparent would be in order. Sontec,the mastering versions of the GML and Avalon, maybe the Millennia Media EQ and possibly the Massive Passive. I think another unsung hero is the Maselec EQ. It has the detents on it, and sounds great. I've seen it sell from time to time used, and it was at a decent price. For the GML and Avalon, their mastering versions for some reason sounds bigger than their non mastering counterparts.
  8. errollem

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    We are using the millennia EQ and the compressor.
    Best investment for us in 2001.

    Focusrite red EQ? I dont know. If it's the same "quality" as the red compressor I would say,
    don't use it, because it makes a mix indirect sounding. The blue's I never try'ed and from what I hear from others I don't think it is something for me.

    Thrill, you are the first who says the same things about focusrite. I thought that it was me.

    I'm not alone :D thanx.

  9. mixfactory

    mixfactory Guest

    Well Errol, the whole Red line was probably the most overpriced, only can be used in certain situations, bunch of gear I've ever seen or used. It goes to show you that a TEC award means squat. I think Focusrite in general has lived off their reputation, when Rupert Neve was with them back in the day. I think Amek will eventually do the same thing one day(there outboard gear, while good is too overpriced). On the record I do own two of their pieces(a blue compressor and the RED 3), and they get used often(the Blue on everything the RED 3 for overall compression only). But still for what I paid for it, I thought it was way too overpriced.
  10. brad

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  11. Jon Best

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    For an inexpensive, clean EQ you won't regret having around, look for a Urei 546 stereo parametric ($200-500, I'd think- or a pair of 545 mono's), and send it (them) to Jim Williams for his $200 upgrade. Clean, quiet, very neutral. You'll upgrade some day, but it will remain a good sounding piece.


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