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m audio mobilepre and acid pro

Discussion in 'Recording' started by khadafi, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. khadafi

    khadafi Guest

    I have a m audio mobilepre usb and im using sony acid pro 5.0 and 6.0. my question is when i go to record its only recording in one channel. ive set everything to stereo but still no luck what am i doing wrong here? :!:
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Stereo Source(two mics) stereo recording. Mono source(one mic) mono recording. I'm a assuming you're using a crack. Either that or you spent a grand on software and didn't bother to read the manual. Not to mention you have little to no experience with recording actual audio signal. I realize this is loop based software, but crack heads bother me so I'm a little suspicious.
  3. khadafi

    khadafi Guest

    First off dick head oviously i dont have a lot of experience recording im learning. If i did know a lot about it i wouldnt be on her asking for advice. Secondly acid pro isnt a grand dumb ass you can buy it brand new for 100.00. And also if i was running a crack dont you think i can download the manual off the web site! Morons bother me!
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Acid Pro 6 on it's own is $374.00

    (Dead Link Removed)

    If you bought Acid pro 5 You would have paid about the same. Ok Not quite a grand but $600.00 if you paid for and upgrade instead of a full version of 6.

    If you got Acid pro 6 for $100, you bought yourself a crack my friend.

    So you have the manual but didn't read it?
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I was expecting a quick comeback. At any rate y'know, if you're not using a crack I don't think you should be offended. Just say so. Also, whether you are or not, I answered your question so.....what's to be upset about?

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