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m-audio omnistudio usb inputs not working

Discussion in 'Recording' started by doubleJ, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    I just got an m-audio omnistudio usb and the mic-in 1 works perfectly. I tried connecting a tape deck to line-in 3 and got no volume during playback. I tried connecting the deck to mic-in 2, just in case the volume was too low to register, and got no volume during playback. I connected the deck to the working mic-in 1 and the playback was fine. I tried connecting the mic from mic-in 1 to mic-in 2 and again, no volume.
    I have also used the main outs and they seem to work fine. Is there something that I'm needing to do to enable mic-in 2 and lines-in 3/4? I have an omnistudio pci at work and it has a software mixer with mutes and levels, but I saw no software mixer with the usb version. I would certainly doubt that a brand new product would have 3/4 of its inputs dead.
    With that in mind, how can you really know if everything works on a new piece of gear? The only things that you can test are what you have to do. I do mic/tape input and tape output. I don't have equipment to test the inserts and/or effects send/return, etc...
  2. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    I haven't tested this, yet, but I found out that Audition requires you to specify which input, if not mic-in 1, to record from. All inputs are not active by default. Apparently, some other programs, like Audacity, do activate all inputs.
  3. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    Just in case anyone else has these kinds of problems...
    I've found that audition will support the 2 mic-ins (front), but not the 2 line-ins (back) of the omnistudio usb. This has to do with audition not supporting asio.
    I've also found that kristal (free multitrack software), and probably any other asio compliant software, can record from all 4 inputs without issue.
    It's a shame that audition will only do the two channels, but it's better than one. Plus, at least I know that they all work.

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