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    Hi, my name is Jorge Carvalho, i´m a student at School of Arts from Catholic University of Porto.

    I´m doing my master's degree in Sound Design. My dissertation is about the M/S Mastering Technique, and if you are a master engineer, i like to make if possible a few questions regarding this method.
    Is very simple, click on the link to go to a little survey on google docs.


    Best Regards, thumb

    Jorge Carvalho
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  3. Jorge_C.

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    Thank you! diddlydoo
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    I think you'll find my answers and response to your query poll, quite interesting.

    I mastered most of my own stuff I record for others and always have, always will because I know what I'm doing. No it's not like Bob Ludvig or Bernie Grundman that's a different league. The local rock 'n roll bands can hardly afford to make the recording much less a real Mastering Engineer. And one has to have some exposure to the way albums used to be cut in order to be able to understand how it impacts on our digital age of recording. I mean I really hated disc mastering for vinyl and what had to be done to the recordings. We don't have to do that anymore for digital. Though some of the principles we used and observed for vinyl release is still quite valid for digital release as well. While we don't have to sum the low frequencies together below 250 Hz for digital, it is rather convenient to still be using high-frequency limiters and what they have to offer to the final product and loudness levels.

    So why not post some of your work utilizing the technique of your thesis? Otherwise you flunk. LOL.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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    yes i find your answer quite interesting, and i like what you said about the digital process, don´t forgetting what we learn from analog.
    In this moment i am only collecting data for the thesis, but when i start making my projects for it i will publish them, that way i can have a feedback and opinion from you and others!
    Thank you for answering the survey!!
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    Some history on M/S and mastering
    Mastering - Learning Center - Dangerous Music
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    Thanks ! =)

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