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mach 5 - midi levels

Discussion in 'Recording' started by dotokuji, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. dotokuji

    dotokuji Guest


    a question for any veteran mach 5 users:

    each channel in mach 5 has a volume control which maxes out at +6db and bottoms out at well below -10db. when i load a sample bank. lets say a snare bank, and record a snare on a midi track in protools, by default the mach 5 channel seems to assign +6db of volume. i am not sure which volume i should be adjusting to get the best amount of signal to work with after i bounce the midi track to audio. should i be adjusting the level on the mach 5 channel or the level on my midi track to get the best amount of signal to work with in the mix? i would appreciate any insight on this matter and hope i have articulated my question clearly.

    many thanks.

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