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Mackie 32.8 and Alesis HD24 Questions

Discussion in 'Recording' started by standpointe, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    Ok, so i am new to the recording world and i have limited gear right now because of limited funding. I am running the HD24 straight into my mackie 32.8 for now.

    Once i go to set up a track ill start playing and try to get my levels up to spec. As im playing the signal cuts in and out and sounds as if its clipping but none of the meters on both the mixer and the recorder are clipping. I checked the wiring and everything seems to be ok. Could my mixer be broken? Or have i forgotten something. Please help. Also what outboard processing would you fellow mackie users recomend?

  2. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    You've posted this same question in several other forums. You need to post a question such as this in one place. By reading through several previous posts in a forum, you should be able to easily decide which forum best suits your particular question.

    Since you say you're new here, I thought you'd like to know.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    What signal? All channels? Just one channel? Is it consistently in the same place in the recording?

    Try recording a test tone at different levels and see what happens when you replay that.
  5. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    The signal is my acoustic guitar going through a mic into any given channel. I did try it on every channel available and still the same outcome happened. I don't even have to be recording anything and ill play to get my level set and i will get a harsh clipping type of sound as im playing my guitar. None of the meters are where they should be and i can't get any decent volume. It my be a monitoring problem but im not sure. I tried different mic cable, different mics, and snakes but still no luck. What do you suggest i try to do to solve my problem?

  6. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    You might start with a pair of headphones plugged into the section dedicated for the PFL/Cue/Control Room operation of the board, then go down the list...when you PFL the channel, what do you hear? Now, the subgroup (if routed to it)...what's there? Then go to the recorder if the clipping is not within the board. Do you have the operator's manuals for these pieces? The Mackie one is excellent for trouble-shooting, you should have that onhand in this situation. If you don't have it, download it.
  7. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    ok ill try that. thanks moonbaby
  8. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    I'm a bit confused now as to what you're doing. Can you confirm that (a) during recording you plug your mic into the XLR connector on a channel on the Mackie and take the channel out into an HD24 analog input, and (b) on replay you take the HD24 analog out into a line in on the Mackie?

    Do you hear the problem when monitoring the live inputs while recording or is it only on replay? If the former, this is a mic/mixer problem and nothing to do with the HD24.

    As a matter of interest, what type of cables are you using between the Mackie and the HD24? Are they balanced (TRS jacks) or unbalanced (TS jacks)?
  9. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    Everythings checks out for me hear this is what im doing. I use the tape outs and returns and connect them directly to the ins and outs of the Alesis HD24.

    I hear it both while recording and during playback as well.

    I use hosa (balanced) trs-trs snakes
  10. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    Sounds like your getting a feed back loop happening.Make sure your channel and tape returns aren't both bused to l/r mains
  11. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    What does this mean? How would they be bused to the l/r mains? Please help this is confusing me. lol.
  12. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    welcome to the wonderful world of sound/rec. engineering.you gotta break out that mackie manual and devour it.Especially the signal flow block diagram.I't's been awhile since I recorded through my console as I use outboard pres.Give this a shot. Locate your bus assign switches(l/r,1/2,3/4,5/6,7/8) on the channel your recording through,they should be post the direct/rec out.and make sure that all the buttons are up(unassigned).arm a track on the hd24 and monitor the tape return only on the mackie.
  13. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    HAHAHA do you think i haven'tread the manual. i just didn't understand your post!!!
  14. billblues

    billblues Active Member

  15. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Maybe this is too obvious but, did you happen to try a different mic?

    In regards to billblues post, I think the point is you want to monitor what the hd24 is recording and not what the Mackie is sending.

    Also I think in the back of the Mackie there is a button which selects the ouput level(operational level) Make sure this is set to match the input on the HD24.

    I really think you should try a different mic first though.
  16. standpointe

    standpointe Guest

    already tried that. no such luck. I checked the switches in the back and they match up fine. Im just clueless as to what is going on. Ive tried different mics, cables, channels, etc... still no good results. I know its not my monitors so any help on this matter would be great.

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