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Mackie 8 buss really that bad?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by coldsnow, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I've never tried one but it appears that a lot of people don't like the Mackie 8 bus yet I see them in numerous mid level professional studio's. Not intending to be used in tracking only monitoring and mixing would this be that bad of a way to go?
    I currently use an Allen Heath GL2200 which I like better than the Mackie 4 bus series but I think the 8 bus is a whole nother ball game, and I wrong? I hate using digital boards.
  2. mixfactory

    mixfactory Guest

    Yes and No!!! If that isn't the most wishiwashiest answer you've ever heard!! I think its ok if you don't mind not having any automation, terrible EQ's, terrible buses, should I go on. But I can't totally knock it, I have heard some Rap mixes that blew me away that were mixed on the Mackie 8 bus. I helped outfit a friend's studio lately with 24 channels of DBX160X and a SSLFX384 compressor(and some other things). He already had 48 channels of Mackie. He does rap/hip hop and I went by the other day, and I swear I thought it sounded just like a SSL board(one of the older crunchier ones). I think it works well for Rap because the coloration(or degredation) helps the sounds of the tracks. For other stuff..uh uh.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I belive the mic pre's on the VLZ series are a leap forward in quality. Have they released a large format version with them in it yet?

  4. jo

    jo Active Member

    Sorry for everybody but I like my Mackie. I just listened to a acoustic jazz record I did a long time ago. It was totally Mackie with some outboards EQ/Preamps (a total of 4).
    Today I have a bigger desk and I don't like to go back but I was surprised how good the Mackie sounded.
    15 years ago I wished I had a Mackie. Just think about it.

    my 0,2 Euro ;)


    sorry for bad english
  5. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    27 years ago I used Allen & Heath Mini Mixers.
    I have one I am restoring and putting back into service. In a heavy metal case, was 6 inputs, each channel has combined line/mic level trims/ high & Low cut boost/ mid range lift, cue send, effects send, pan, fader. The outs were +4db unbalanced with vu meters, seperate left & right returns w/ high/low eq boost & cut. All that!in the size of an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper x 1" deep. The tranformers of your choice, were connected by pigtail at the rear. Seperate DC power supply, and can run for a few hours off (2) 9v batteries hooked in series. It can be seen at the Allen & Heath website, vintage equipment. A mixer way ahead of its time. Many studios used them like modules, up to more than 24 channels. It is a very quiet board with an SN around -115db.
  6. seti

    seti Guest

    is the dm 24 as good as the mackie d8b
    for 24 96
    is the d8b good
  7. jo

    jo Active Member

    You have been a lucky guy Rick (btw. how much was it back the?)
    Was it a inline design?

    I didn't have such a device and couldn't afford anything better. ;)

    It's not the tools its the man behind!
  8. sjoko

    sjoko Member

    To avoid confusion.......I think coldsnow might have been asking an opinion about the D8B ....?
  9. mixfactory

    mixfactory Guest

    He said in his post that he hates digital boards.
  10. planet red

    planet red Active Member

    I dont know why anyone would buy a new mackie when there are so many good older boards, that with a little TLC will kill a mackie.
  11. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I was talking about the analog 8 bus. Life is too short to mess around with digital mixers. Anyways, I bought one off of ebay and have been pleasantly surprised. I use to own a VLZ pro model and didn't like it at all. The 8 bus isn't near as brittle sounding and the eq's are not simialar at all. The inputs and pre's are actually kinda nice and seem very accurate. Again I won't be using the pre's at all. The eq I've found so far to be decent not bad sounding at all. I typically use external eq's for tone shaping and use board eq's for slight cuts here and there. The eq's are no Ghosts but very usable and I think the actual input signal is just as clean and as the Ghosts. I'd love to own a SSL (never will) and don't want the hassles of vintage equipment so for now this appears to be a good fit for me.

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