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Mackie ONYX 1200F???

Discussion in 'Recording' started by MDCodeRed, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. MDCodeRed

    MDCodeRed Guest

    I asked breifly in a different thread about the Mackie ONYX 1200F and got very little feedback. I'm searching for an interface so that I can track a live drum set. I'd like to be able to track between 8 and 12 channels at once. Does anyone have any experience with this unit or advise on what interface to use? I use Cubase SX and I am about to build a new computer. Any advise would be apprecieted. Thnx!
  2. bassgypsy

    bassgypsy Guest

    The Mackie ONYX 1200F is a very nice interface. I have the ONYX 1220 mixer with firewire, and it has very clean sound, I use it with Tracktion2 that came with it, awesome DAW, very easy to use. One thing you should ask yourself is, will you ever need more then 12 inputs in the future. The onyx 1200f is not expandable like the MOTU interfaces, and you can chain up to four of them to get a huge track count. From what I read (and I read allot), MOTU sound great and works well with Cubase.

    If you are going to get a new computer or thinking about upgrading, here are a few things to think about. * meaning, do some hard research*
    These things will help with SPEED!!! RAM, CPU, front-side bus and hard-drive. Also, most computer are loud, that's no good for a recording computer. If your recording anything acoustic (drums, guitar, vocals) or that is mic'ed, the mic will pick up the hum from the computer :( You want a computer that is quite. research their db. output, mainly the cooling fans and hard-drives.
  3. MDCodeRed

    MDCodeRed Guest

    What MOTU interface would you recomend for what I'm trying to do?
  4. MDCodeRed

    MDCodeRed Guest

    Somebody also told me about using two PreSonus FirePod. Any thoughts on that?
  5. bassgypsy

    bassgypsy Guest

    Here is a 'great' article about how to choose the right interface for your needs. It talks about everything you need to know, what to look for and what's right for you. It also, touches on the name brands we've been talking about. :D


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