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Marshall MXL2001 Condenser Mic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by e-cue, Nov 23, 2001.

  1. e-cue

    e-cue Active Member

    Just curious if anyone has tried one of these mics & what their opinions/chains/applications were. I've tried renting one in LA but the studio managers can't seem to find a rental company that carries it. It's only about $150 so I might just buy one and try it out.
  2. monty teebaum

    monty teebaum Member

    Originally posted by e-cue:
    Just curious if anyone has tried one of these mics & what their opinions/chains/applications were. I've tried renting one in LA but the studio managers can't seem to find a rental company that carries it. It's only about $150 so I might just buy one and try it out.

    read this:
  3. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I'd try the ADK A51. It goes for around 199 but is a whole lot better quality. They spend more money making good mics and less money advertising. Medley Music in Phili stocks both the Marshall and ADK.
  4. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    ADK is a rebadger of Chinese made mics, same as Marshall/MXL and most others at that end of the price scale. I know the track record of MXL on quality control, support and service (a few glitches, but they work hard to fix them and improve their product). I know jack about ADK other than that they rebadge Chinese made mics, and anybody who has the bucks for a minimum order can do the same. This isn't to say that ADK is not a good company to deal with, but I haven't heard anything to support a preference for their product.

  5. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    Just because ADK and Marshall are both made in China doesn't make them the same mic. Each company sends their drawings and specks and the mics are made from those. Just because an AT and an AKG might both be made in China doesn't make them the same Mic. Arn't the capsules used in the Soundelux mics made in China. It doesn't make them not good and it doesn't make mics made in USA or Germany just because they happen to be assembled there with China parts.
  6. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    My understanding is that ADK doesn't spec the mic, just orders them and applies silk screen. They might do some QC screen (I imagine some of the others don't), but I don't know if they do or how much they worry about this. I'm not saying they necessarily sell bad mics, they might be fine.

    Their are two Chinese factories everyone gets their mics or components from. (I'm not aware of AT mics nor capsules being made in China, BTW.) Some of the imports from different distributors are in fact the same mic with a different brand. I know some of the higher end folks using components have a high reject rate on capsules, which is how they are able to ensure quality. You hear about 70% reject rates being the norm for companies like Soundelux. This is part of why the original U-95 with Chinese capsule was discontinued.

    I know Brent Casey at MXL works hard on quality and makes himself available to work on these concerns in their line. ADK had just been another anonymous rebadger. I would like to hear why you think they have higher quality for an equivalent product sold at an equivalent price.

  7. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    Actually I haven't received the mic yet. I'm waiting on it. My understanding, however, is that they do indeed spec their mics (info comes from the owner and founder of the company when talking to him on the phone). Why did I choose the ADK, number one, I'm not in a market to actually try things myself at a local store other than a guitar Center and their lines are the typicalls (I refuse to shop there). I purchased the 3DAudio CD and actully found their mic to be one of my favorites in a blind test. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Sony and a few Neumans as well. I spoke to the owner who took the time to talk for a good 45 minutes about mic philosophy among other things. I called a music store in Phili (Medley Music). One of the person's in pro audio suggested the ADK as well, above the Marshalls, Rodes, Studio Projects, and even above the AKG Solid Tube (I actually asked about tube mics and ordered the ADK Tube model). Also, there is a nice article regarding the Tube version in the October Mix Magazine. One of the tube models uses a high quality transformer and both have been reported to perform well on male vocals.
  8. e-cue

    e-cue Active Member

    Very interesting, back to the Marshall. Coldsnow, What applications did you use it on? How did it (if it did) color the sound? etc... I'll pep out your ADK suggestion too. I'm also a fan of useing 2 mics to track vocals, usually (in general) a 414 or 57 through a 1073/1079 ->LA2a ->protools/tape and then Sony 800G -> 737 -> tape. I usually overcompress the 414/57 & squeeze a little distortion out of it. The frequency chart of the MXL2001, as well as the link Monty posted, looks like it might work nice in this situation.
  9. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I have not used one in a studio other than to talk and sing a few bars through it. So it may be better than my initial thoughts. Hey, it's all subjective anyways. I found it to be somewhat ballanced but a bit squeezed (no air or extra low end). However, I feel that way about Audio Tech. mics too and like them in a complex mix. My point is their are a lot of mics in this price range. The new RODE series (I wasn't a fan of the old NT1 but do like the newer models somewhat), Studio Projects, and even a new AKG mic which should be out soon and an AT mic that was recently released. I don't think you will find any of them to be preferable to your 414 or your Sony, however. Also the ADK mic is a fet based which tend to be somewhat warm which you may or may not be looking for. Right now my favorite on vocals is my Neuman TLM-103. I keep buying and comparing it to other mics to see if there is something I like better. All the ones I've bought for male vocal use, I've ended up selling because I didn't like them any better. I also use the 737 and a Neve preamps. I let you know how I like the ADK Tube model. Call up good studio stores (not sam ash or guitar center) who carry all the models and ask them which mic they'd buy. That's what I did since there was not a place near by that I could check out the ADK. I will say that most of the individuals I talked to did prefere the ADK and others to the Marshall. Although, some voices match up well with some mics and some don't so it may not always be a good test either. I'm rampling. There isn't any piece of musical equipment more subjective then a mic.
  10. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Lately it seems when anyone is talking budget mics, the Studio Projects line is the one that gets the most favorable mentions. Kind of like the RNC of microphones. But a couple of months ago, I remember seeing a big spread in one of the mags (Recording?) about a line called T.H.E. It appears to be an interchangeable head system. I think they said they were not using chinese capsules, but ones made in u.s.a. The reviewer seemed pretty impressed with the build quality and the sound, for whatever that is worth. Anybody seen or heard these yet?
  11. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    I haven't tried the THE's. Harvey has and likes them. The line is designed and distributed by Taylor Johnson of the Soundroom, previously best known for applying rigorous QC and matching to Oktava mics. They aren't cheap, but I understand they acquit themselves well against the top line stuff of their type. You can buy at the Soundroom or through various distributors.

  12. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    The RNC's fame came from pro studio owners who had $3000 and up compressors and found the RNC to still have use and be favorable in some instances. The Studio Project's hype comes mainly from good marketing and guitar marts. They are totally made in the Beigine (spelling sorry) factory and just add a name. That doesn't make them a bad mic but don't confuse marketing with inovation. Anyways back to the ADK (sorry to go back to this again) but I spoke again to the ADK president just to confirm. They do purchase capsules from the Beigine factory, however, they also use FETS from Japan and higher quality transformers which are shipped to ADK's factory NOT the Beigine factory and are completed. He himself along with his engineers desinged the mic to sound like the Neuman 67 because they feel it is a better vocal mic than the 87 which most companies are going for. Talk to anyone that stocks both and see what they have to say or try them both if you can. By the way I called Marshall just to talk to them about their mics, the young man that answered the phone (after they finally got me to the mic department, they sell a lot of things) refered to the Neuman mics with a long u sound as if it was Krammer's friend. I'm not an expert by anymeens to judge people in the industry, however, I would think someone representing a company that sells mics would know more than me about mics.
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I think that was NEWMAN, as in Alfred E. :D :D :D
  14. FWIW, Just wanted to post that it seems there's something more than hype around the Studio Project mics. Several folks with large mic closets feel the C1 compares favorably to big budgets mics. Definitely would be on my list as one of the bang-for-buck mics I'd check out.

    Either the MC012 or the MXL603 would seem to be the choice budget considerations for small diaphragm condensors.

    I have a TLM103 and love the mic, but honestly
    I don't have alot of mics to compare
    it to right now. It's by far the most detailed mic I have - I use it on vocals, acoustic guitar, and drum kit as a room mic. I also use my 57s alot, and honestly, getting a couple more 57s might not be a bad option if you need some more mics on a budget.

  15. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    Hey I have the 103 and love it as well. Again I didn't say the Studio Projects were not good mics, but they arn't a revolutionaire product like the FMR RNC was my point. But speaking of testomonials along with Lenny Kravitz, Patty Page, and Elton John, here are some others that use ADK Mics (from their web site)
    How you ever managed to arrive at a formula offering low noise, discrete FET electronics, 1" gold sputtered diaphragm capsules that deliver 20Hz to 20k with such delicious response at such an affordable price, is a dark mystery to me.

    The top end is so beautifully defined, that once you find the sweet spot, you can track with 'em practically flat. A warm tube pre, a little light tube compression with something akin to an LA 2, and I defy anyone to tell me the ADK doesn't sound like a five or six thousand dollar tube condenser.

    Tony Martin, Shandaliza Productions LA, (Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Three Dog Night, The Four Seasons, Harry Nilsson) Tony’s New CD "Close Your Eyes and Think of England" Tracked 100% with ADK Mics.

    I was amazed even through headphones at the clarity of my voice. I could tell immediately this was the silver bullet for male vocals. I used it on Michael Card and later after trying out the new ADK Area 51 tube mic, Michael decided he had to have one. I'm very impressed with both mics. I've used both Mics on Strings and Orchestra sessions. Both were very musical. The quality of these mics is only surpassed by the price. You may not realize it but you really need one of these mics!!

    Ronnie Brookshire, Engineer (Wynonna Judd, Boyz II Men, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patty).

    When I set up the "shootout test" for your mics, I simply wasn't prepared for what I heard! Your A51 series flat out blew me away! I know what I want to hear, and you've really "hit the old nail on the head" with these ones!

    You can be sure I'll be using more ADK mics including your A-51s (LE) on my upcoming "MONTROSE" CD! Keep up the good work!

    Ronnie Montrose, (Van Morrison, Edgar Winter,
    Herbie Hancock).

    The Steinway piano is the definitive piano sound in the industry. Depending on how it is recorded, there are times when its beauty is lost. The (Area51) ADK microphones enhanced the already exquisite piano along with Mr. Jiosa's ingenuity.

    Joe Augustine, Steinway Artist.
    ADK used on his CD "Cool Today, Jazz Tonight".

    ADK used on Denny Jiosa’s last CD’s "Among Friends" and "Embracing the Fire".
    I've now used the A-51s on almost everything including vocals, guitars, and drums. They remind me of very expensive German mics I have tracked with before.

    Adam Kasper, Producer/Engineer, (REM, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters).

    We tracked all the acoustic guitars on the new Victoria Shaw album with a stereo pair of A-51s LE because of the way the ADK microphone gave a true representation of the guitar:
    a well defined high end, and an accurate low end.
    This is a mic we will be reaching for a lot !

    Mick Conley, Engineer (Kathy Mattea, Patty Paige, Bill Cooley).

    These little gems compare very favorably to the U87. They have the same warmth and a similar presence. Hey, at 1/6th the price, the choice is practically a no-brainer!

    David Miles Huber, Author: Modern Recording Techniques, Professional Microphone Techniques.

    Two thousand dollar mics, beware! I've tested everything I could get my mitts on and nothing compares to the A-51TC that's sitting in my studio right now! How you've managed that large and rich of a sound for the price is mind-boggling!

    Greg Murray, MurrVox Radio and Television Imaging,
    and Production Director, WLVQ-FM, Columbus, Ohio

    I just love these microphones!!!

    Allen Shamblin, Award Winning Songwriter
    (Co-wrote "I Can’t Make You Love Me" for Bonnie Raitt;
    Wrote "He Walked On Water" Billboard #1 Hit for Randy Travis).
  16. erockerboy

    erockerboy Member

    Coldsnow, U got a link for the ADK stuff?

    Be sure and check in once you've had a chance to put yours thru its paces. Am curious to see whatcha think.
  17. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I sure will. Just got it today and haven't had time to even plug it in yet. Nice case though.
    Give him a call, he's great to talk to.
  18. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    Originally posted by coldsnow:
    Hey I have the 103 and love it as well. Again I didn't say the Studio Projects were not good mics, but they arn't a revolutionaire product like the FMR RNC was my point. But speaking of testomonials along with Lenny Kravitz, Patty Page, and Elton John, here are some others that use ADK Mics (from their web site)

    Just Curious, what were your impressions of the Studio Projects mics? You did try them, yes?
  19. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    No I haven't yet but I do know some people who's opinions I respect do seem to like the C1 for the price. They claim it leans toward an U87 sound without quite as much detail. Again, not my impressions because I haven't tried one. a few people have claimed it is almost identical to the Marshall V67 which to me had a descent sound but the one I tried was very noisy (could have been a bad one). It could be the same basic mic design with the exception of the C1 being transformerless and the V67 (I think) has a transformer. Both I believe were designed and put together in the same Bejing 797 factory which could be why they sound so similar.
  20. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    OK here is my assessment. By the way I purchased a Studio Projects C1 to throw in the ring with the ADK A51TC (tube mic) and the TLM 103.
    I used an Avalon 737, a Neve 1272, and a Allen Heath board to test them. I also had a friend come over that I have done a lot of recording with and is a very good guitarist and has a pretty good voice (very different than mine because it's less midrange and low end but more higher end to his voice). He can tell you what year a Fender Twin was made by looking at it but has no clue about studio mics which I felt gave me a more subjective opinion.
    Hears how it went. After singing a couple of songs each that require different phrasing.
    To me the ADK sounded best on my voice. Second was the 103, and third was the C1.
    The ADK was definetly the sweetest but also had a very nice low end sound (not flabby like the Rode NTK I owned for 4 days). It just made my voice sound better than the other two on either song and through any preamp. To me it sounded slightly better than the 103 but to my friend it was significantly better. both of us found the ADK best on his voice as well. The 103 is the mic I've sworn by for a while and haven't found mics to compare to it in it's price range in the past. It still is a solid choice on either of our vocals but the ADK just did something a little better.
    The C1, well I'm still scatching my head. I was pretty pumped up after all the hype but now well. The sound is a little hard to describe. It has lots of high end and has descent low end but seems to have a scooped out midrange. On my friends voice it was terrible because his voice wasn't low enough to catch the low end of the mic and all that came through was high end and no mids. On my voice it sounded better. When I sang something that didn't require me hitting any high notes or giving any rasp it was a pleasing sound. Otherwise it didn't sound good. When I told my friend it was less than half the price of the others he replied "it sounds like it". It did sound a little better through the 737 than the other two pres. So I was set to send back the C1 but think I'll keep it because it may sound different on certain things to be a viable alternative and it is very articulate. The ADK will get the bulk of the use and I'll probably use the 103 at times as a second. The C1 I'm thinking will be a good alternative for a background voice that I want to be distinquished from the lead vocalist.
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