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Master Clocks

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by dpianomn, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    I was originally looking into purchasing a Big Ben or Antelope Isochrone, but I now have an opportunity to buy a Lucid SSG192 for half the price (used). I think I'm gonna go for it, but is there anything I should know first?
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Ya, Your money may be better spent somewhere else. Not everybody or all digital devices benifit from using a dedicated external clock.
  3. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    I'm using a Focusrite Isa 428 with A/D card going into a Motu 896...firewire into my laptop. I definitley am on a budget, so if the consensus is that I don't need it with this set up I'm not gonna argue :wink:
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    In your specific setup, I wouldn't think you would need it or gain much if anything. In addition to how a digital device is able to handle an external clock, you would also need to make sure there are no weak links in your entire audio chain so you are capable of having and hearing any benifit that a better clock could provide.
  5. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    Thanks AudioGaff! I could definitely use another C414, so I think I'll skip the clock for now.
  6. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Your welcome. Ya, a better mic, mic pre, compressor, monitors, room acoustics any or all would likely give more for your money unless you already have all of that covered. And you could always add the external clock at a latter time.

    You may try to get a hold of one (rent or borrow) and see what it dies for you in your specific setup. That is the only true way to tell if you are getting any improvement.
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I tend to agree with Gaff here!

    Clock generators are great if you need to connect a bunch of gear. The subjective "benefits" of externally clocking gear are, in my ears, snake oil at best.

    I've never heard a converter go from sh*tty to awesome by clocking it externally.

    I HAVE however heard serious clocking issues resolved by this, but that's when you're running out of a DAW into a Weiss EQ, then into the TC 6000 then out of a DA into analog to monitor and limit and then back into digital to mix down.

    Then, you'd need a generator - maybe. :D

    Go blow your money on MUCH cooler things!

  8. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    thanks for the advise guys, much appreciated.

    on a side note cucco, i checked out your site a few nights back and really enjoyed your classical recordings. very rich sounding...
  9. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Thanks dpianomn! I'm putting some new ones up soon too.

  10. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    great, looking forward to it :)

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