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"mastering" plugins for pro tools le 6.4 on mac os

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by tony-moore, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. tony-moore

    tony-moore Guest

    I should start by saying that I believe in getting a proper recording professionally mastered before release...

    But I need some affordable plugins that are better quality than the stock digi plugins. This is for "home mastering" mixes to be given to fellow musicians, etc.. I'm pretty happy with the new EQIII that Digi just released, but the stock compressors and limiters...

    I can't afford any of the Waves bundles. The Elemental Audio stuff is priced well but they don't offer a multiband comp/limter...

    Any suggestions?


  2. rhydian

    rhydian Active Member



    I use powercore plus a VST to RTAS wrapper from fxpansion...fantastic!

    The TC Electronic plug ins are spot on for mastering. If you can afford it, the MD3 is the tops.

    On a budget, I'd go for the PCI card with the TC maximiser

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