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  1. ohk I've been sitting back reading all of these mastering posts and I'm going to shoot the question... and it may make me look like a complete idiot but I was always told no question is a bad question lol... what is mastering? I use cakewalk homestudio and this is how I do it (when I owned an Audigy - btw I sold it for a bigmac and used the few extra cents for a delta 1010...) but I used to record in 96-16 bit and I would get all of my tracks recording then I would switch my sound card over to "record what you hear" and then mix them all down to a single mix then scroll through all of my mix bits and pieces to find the final track then convert it to mp3 - if I was going to upload it - or keep it as .wav if I burn it to a cd... ohk now the real quesion is... did I do ANY mastering in this process and if so what was it? lol I know I sound like a complete idiot but I'm more interested in my own music than recording others music as of now but I would like some more knowledge on the mastering process... thanx guys! :roll:
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    Browsing any of the mastering engineer's sites (feel free to browse around mine if you like) should give you an idea.

    But basically, bringing the mix into it's final version - The last step before reproduction - The final tweak session to even things out such as EQ and compression, yada, yada...
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    Well mastering in the traditional sense is the process of preparing the material for manufacturing. It has gone a bit beyond that today with tools that are available but basically it's preparing the mixes to translate well and delivering it ready for manufacturing. Some say it's the last step of the creative process and the 1st step in the manufacturing process.
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    Aside from processing and preparation/editing mastering is mainly about critical listening. Having an engineer with experience, taste, and ears that you trust are essential to the mastering process.

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