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  1. smoove

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    Im new to this.........Say if i record a project using the onyx fw and cubase sx3........if i want to master my material do i just export the files to burn a cd and take that cd to someone who does mastering or is there something else that is more efficient?

    Oh yea and what if the mastering studio uses protools, does it matter that the material i did was on cubase?
  2. Adore

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    For the mastering studio you give the final stereo mix in a single and not separate tracks
  3. Thomas W. Bethel

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    Best to have a long talk with the person you are going to use to master your stuff. Ask them how they want the stuff delivered. Personally I prefer 24 bit 44.1 kHz .wav or .aif files but everyone is different.
  4. Mr-Nice

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    Mixdown in cubase to how you like but keep it well balanced as far as levels, EQing and panning (then dont add any further processing). Next export to a stereo 2 track and put the exported file onto a DATA CD not an Audio CD.

    Usually a good ME would want you to send him a sample of the track so he has a rough idea of what needs to be done and if things need to be fixed/changed he can tell you to do so before he even starts.

    Mastering can only enhance a good mixdown and it will not fix timing mistakes, poor arrangements and/or an already over-processed track.

    Good luck!

    Oh a small tip is to burn your CD at 1x to minimize any errors. I always burn serious CD's at 1x.

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