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  1. Hey

    I recieved my TL Audio 5052 stereo valve proccessor, I originally bought it to better and broaden my pre amp selection but through some resellers they are pitching the unit as a mastering device.

    As a preamp, wow!! It's the first time I'am working hard to keep the ingrediants from getting too wide.

    If one of you pro's out there has access to one and some time would you be able to test one out as a mastering device. I would be curious to know from someone who knows!!
    I get lost and crazy excited just mixing but if I have the potentional with the 5052, I'd like to try my hand at mastering for other people.

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    Valve processors are designed to color the sound somewhat. In mastering, transparency is the goal with emotional display..i/e clean, balanced, beautiful.

    I have not used the TL but if I were shopping for a 'processor' I would do so with mixing in mind. Frankly, in mastering, adding color can get you in hot water or save the day. Pick your poison.

    Just try it and see if it works out for you and your clients. Mastering is not simply strapping a processor on the mix and depositing the paycheck. It seems to be coming down to that though. That processor cannot do head and tail edits or many steps that encompasses 'complete' mastering.

    Ask yourself:

    Will this thing do what you are asking it to do or does it put a "sonic thumbprint" on everything it passes?

    Instant eurphoria my be short lived.

    That said, my 1176's ARE used with some projects..when such projects benefit from its use from all sides.
  3. to audiowkstation

    Are you talking, UREI 1176 ? That's pretty cool!! Thanks for the reply!!

    I am actually older than I think

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    These are pretty!

    (Not affiliated with the sale)

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