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    Hello everyone!

    I am using this forum for the first time....
    I use Nuendo 2 for recording and mixing music for quite some time now. I've come to the point where I would like to start doing some mastering too. What program (or plugin) do you suggest to use for it?

    Thank you,
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    PSP Mastercomp plug-in and the equalizers in Nuendo.

    Mastering my indigestion
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. The previous suggestion was a good one and cost effective but you might like to give Wavelab 6 a try, it has some good mastering plug-ins, you can do mastering with seperations using Audio Montage, and try out a bunch of plug-ins and combinations of eqing/effects etc non-destructively before rendering your desired sound.

    You can also use the PSP Mastercomp in Wavelab as it supports 3rd party vsts. Also the array of metering, pan oscilloscopes and phase-scopes etc in Wavelab is pretty dazzling.

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