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  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    what do you guys do about mastering? what tools do you use? Is every mastering house accepting PT files?

    I use the C4 and L1. It works excellent for me. I use waves C4 only at the master track of the entire session, then bounce the session in 24 bit to two tracks, then open a new session up in 24 bit and import the two tracks.

    The L1 goes on the master fade then and I , not to much boost and brick wall it,

    I dither and save it as a 16 bit MLCD.

    sounds gooood.


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  2. Hi audiokid.

    I often use TCMasterX and quite like it, it's got an friendly EQ and you can really get a punchy output ..
    I hardly use it on final mixes though - I prefer someone else doing this, the mastering engineer I'm used to work with, for instance. He's fresh on the album, you know.. and so talentuous ..

    Just one question:
    -"I use the C4 and L1. It works excellent -for me. I use waves C4 only at the -master track of the entire session, then -bounce the session in 24 bit to two -tracks, then open a new session up in -24 bit and import the two tracks."
    In what res. was the session, before you bounce in 24bit ?
    Silly question but hmmm, bothers me ..

    Thanks, and long live ROC !!
  3. busterman

    busterman Guest

    I use TCmasterx or T Racks, both are really good. The T-racks has some great simulated tube saturation and there are some really good "save version" features.

    However, I agree that if one has been working on a project, it is best to have someone else master.
  4. riwe

    riwe Guest

    For mastering I use the dbx Quantum and Cool Edit Pro 1.2a from Sytrillium. I'm mastering with 24bit only.
  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    What does it cost per song/album.
    Who do you recommend?

    For sessions recorded only PT,
    what format do you send your final mix to be mastererd, the full session or a bounced 24 bit two track?

  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Misere, I bounce a 24 bit session to a 24 bit two tracks (L and R/ best for PT).
    Then open up a new session and import them in 24 bit.

    I do my L1 thing and then bounce the two tracks again to a dithered 16 bit single file for MLCD.

    It seems to be way tighter.

  7. I just installed ProTools LE running it on a PC. According to the string on the Digi site I'm not sure that I made the right decission. There are a lot of angry people out there over the "downscaled" version.(I DO NOT WANT TO START THAT DEBATE HERE, PLEASE!!!)So far I don"t think this will affect me or at least I hope not. We did demo all the other programs out there and felt that PT was the bomb so we got it.

    All we want to do at this time is master. BTW I have another engineer here to master my mixes. I do think it is best to have another set of ears involved.

    This is my first experience with using PT. I have always used a local mastering house untill now. I did notice that the guy there had the stereo voices show up as one wave file and staggered the songs one up and one down end to end for song spacing and fading. I kinda like the way this works but I can only import stereo in onto 2 tracks. DUH! What is he doing and can we do this? Also we will be getting the C4 and L1 as soon as the are avaible in RTAS which should be soon.

    You guys discussed Master List, what is this. Do I need it? Have we done the wrong thing? Do I need to toss the LE out in the yard and get ProTools 24?

    (Dead Link Removed)

    David L. Black
    Old House Recording Studio
    Gastonia, NC

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  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    When bouncing a session in PT you have a few choices, one of them being a MLCD file which is a single stereo file.

    Allot of people are barking at MLCD because it's in need of a major update, It's a digi program for burning CD's. I love it.

    When importing tracks into PT a single stereo track is divided into two seperate tracks so the can be edited.

    I'm not sure about the PC version of LE but I'm sure digi will make it's users happy in the end.

    PT 24 mix is definitely the choice. C4 will only run on a mix system for now.

  9. sphonemus

    sphonemus Guest

    Just FYI, C4 and all waves (2.8.1 with waveshell 2.9) are now RTAS!!!! They ROCK!
    check out the waves site for more info.
  10. illegalsmile

    illegalsmile Guest

    I had heard that MasterList was in need of an upgrade, but I would like to know if this program is better than Sonic Foundry's "CD Architect" and/or Alesis' "Masterlink" unit?

    Dopamine Sound System
  11. vtone

    vtone Guest

    The C4 and L1 are great IMHO if you don't mix to tape (no D/A conversion).

    Do you guys record your 24 bit files @ 48k and convert to 44.1 later?

    For mastering, my fave is John Golden ( His gear and ears are excellent, he takes his time, and he's analog friendly. He's has always done a great job. I sat in on a mastering project with him once in he is very enthusiastic about talking about the delicate art of mastering. Big reccomendations.

    I have the equipment to do the mastering myself, and I've done it many times. But I prefer John Golden whenever I get a chance.

    Then there's Abbey Road. I've been there twice to master albums and they are top of the line. But really, John Golden is my favorite in America.
  12. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    If you are burning or saving to CD then record at 44, if you are saving to tape then 48 is best.
  13. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    illegalsmile, MLCD is not the top software but I think an update is around the corner.

    I like it because it's all part of PT. straight forward and easy.

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