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Maudio delta 1010 Logic

Discussion in 'Logic' started by adamjwhite, May 26, 2004.

  1. adamjwhite

    adamjwhite Guest

    Hi there, I have an maudio delta 1010 in my machine. Im running it with logic 5 and for some reason I get a delay when im recording. I experienced this before but by ramdom clicking i managed to get rid of the delay. It only seams to happen when i press record in logic.

    Has anyone got anyideas on how to get rid of the delay and what is wrong?


  2. Minguta

    Minguta Active Member

    Try to disable software monitoring.
    Audio/Audio hardware & driver/Audio driver 2

    and please give any detail about your computer ( Spec )?
    Did you put any plugin in track?
  3. adamjwhite

    adamjwhite Guest

    The spec of my computer is:
    Leadtek Nforce MB
    AMD 2800+
    1GB ram
    4 200gb sata HD
    Radion 9200se
    Maudion delta 1010

    I did try to disable software momitoring but it didnt really have much effect. and i dont use any plugins on the track, well not to my knowledge.
  4. Minguta

    Minguta Active Member

    How about lagency u use?
    go to Audio/Audio hardware & driver/Audio driver 2 again
    please, try set Audio buffer delay in -3 out 0
    and use buffer 512 for soundcard that's about 11 ms. it's enough for realtime.

    i recommend to use background service.
    go to right click on my computer icon
    and choose properties/Advanced/performance/setting/advance

    Ps. disable any automatic background program like antyvirus at taskbar.

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