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Metal Vox

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by NTDunn, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. NTDunn

    NTDunn Active Member

    I have a session Tuesday for my final project. I am tracking on an SSL 4056 G+ console. I am tracking and mixing a metal band, what is the best Mic and Mic technique for recording vocals that will sing and scream?? My Mic locker goes like this....AKG
    (5) C-414 B-ULS
    (2) C-414 TL-II
    (3) C-1000S
    (2) C-451B
    (8) C-451E
    (4) D-112

    (2) 626-A

    (3) ATM-23HE
    (2) ATM-25
    (1) ATM-33A
    (2) ATM41HE
    (2) ATM-61HE
    (1) AE-2500
    (1) AE-3000
    (4) AE-5100
    (2) AT-3525
    (2) AT-4031
    (2) AT-4041
    (2) AT-4047
    (4) AT-4050
    (7) AT-4051
    (4) AT-4060
    (1) AT-7000 Series
    (1) AT-5000 Series

    (1) AVS-20
    (1) AVS-21
    (1) AVS-22
    (2) AVS-77
    (2) AVS-80
    (2) CI-35

    (1) M-88

    (4) Bottle w/Neumann capsules
    (2) Blue Ball

    (2) Equitek E-100
    (1) M9 Tube

    (1) 4088

    (2) M-30
    (2) TC-30K
    (1) Z-30XL

    (1) RE-20

    Groove Tube
    (2) AM-30
    (1) AM-40

    (1) MXL-2001

    (1) M-147
    (4) TLM-103
    (2) TLM-127
    (3) U87
    (3) U87i
    (2) U-89

    (8) MC-012
    (2) ML-19

    (1) PVM-520

    (1) 33-922

    (2) Classic II
    (4) NTK
    (2) NT-1
    (3) NT-3
    (1) NT-4
    (2) NT-1000

    (2) SF-24

    (1) E-602
    (6) E-604
    (4) E-609
    (8) MD-421
    (1) MD-441U

    (2) Beta 57
    (1) Beta 91
    (5) Beta 98
    (2) KSM-32
    (24) SM-57
    (4) SM58
    (2) SM-81
    (2) SM91A
    (1) 849

    SE Electronics
    (4) SE-3
    (4) SE-2A

    (2) Subkick

    My fx's go like this....Manley Stereo "Variable Mu"
    Teletronix LA-2A
    Universal Audio 1176 LN
    Universal Audio 1176
    (2) Urei LA-4
    DBX 160
    BSS DPP102
    Outboard Microphone Pre-Amplifiers
    Dual Neve 1272 (Brent Averill-modified)
    Dual API 312C (Brent Averill-modified)

    Outboard Equalizers
    (2) Manley "Pultec" EQ
    Time-Based Processors
    TC Electronic System 6000 (w/Icon)
    TC Electronic M-5000
    TC Electronic M-3000
    TC Electronic M-2000
    TC Electronic TC-2290 Delay
    TC Electronic D-Two
    Lexicon 224 (w/LARC)
    Lexicon PCM-80
    Lexicon PCM-70
    Eventide H-3000
    Roland SDE-2500
    Yamaha SPX-90

    Any guitar, bass, or drum suggestions will be great also. I am tracking to the Studer A-827. Any suggestions or tricks will be very helpful. Thanks in advance, and I'll see you out there soon. (3 weeks)
  2. pingu

    pingu Guest

    Im sure one of those will do the trick.
  3. pr0gr4m

    pr0gr4m Well-Known Member

    Be honest. You just wanted to show off that equipment list.

    Since you said it's a project, I'm guessing your taking some sort of class? Then used what you've learned and pick what you think will work best.

    And if you don't have any idea...use 57's on everything.
  4. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    Use them all.
  5. Thomaster

    Thomaster Guest

    dude that is just a load of CRAP
    if you REALLY have those mics listed, and you dont know which one to use, sell it all.

    dont go assing around with your superb miclist.
  6. Thomaster

    Thomaster Guest

    by the way, if you've got the chance, try using the 602 on screamvocals. it sounds way out sometimes. and it can handle lots of volume.
  7. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    He doesnt own the mics, he stated its a final project, must be a studio the school rents.

    If its his FINAL, and doesnt know which mics to use, he's in trouble.

    Metal?? Put the singer on a Shure SM58, he'll sound totally 80s!!!

    Oh, and where's your DI box list (for Bass guitar)
  8. NTDunn

    NTDunn Active Member

    Come on guys! I thought this was a place for support. I wanted to know any tricks you guys had and what a good mic for the vox was. I didn't ask for every single micing situation. If you passed along a cool mic technique you knew or something, great, but I'm not clueless! It's my final school project at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. We have 8 studios, 2 SSL, 2 Neve, 2 Neotek Elite. All with large studio proper with 2 iso's per studio. I thought technique was shared, not wise comments. Thanks for you who answered without sarcasm.
  9. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Well, consider this little bit of factual information. Bono uses a Shure SM58 in the studio! He moves and jumps around a lot and is more comfortable handholding a microphone.

    Bruce Swedien uses a Shure SM7b to track Michael Jackson in the studio.

    My Soul Train music award nomination was for Yolanda Adams live in Washington DC tracking her on a SM58. They are great microphones and not a compromise microphone as some people think. Dynamic Mike's are also somewhat more bandwidth limited, along with its tight cardioid pattern, making it an almost ideal microphone while tracking a band live in the studio or live onstage. Just remember if you need to clean up some of the live " Ruf" vocal tracks in overdubs, make sure you use the same microphone.

    I love SM58s
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  10. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest


    I hope you didnt think I was sarcastic about the SM58.
    I absolutely love them on Metal screamers. :cool:
  11. rudedogg

    rudedogg Guest

    58 or sm7 all the way, use good preamps and compression, and your set. most metal guys prefer the handheld type mics. also if you need more intense vocal sound, try the sansamp plugins.
  12. NTDunn

    NTDunn Active Member

    Thanks Y'all for all your input. I used a Rode NTK on the singing part, and a Shure Beta 57 on screams. Turned out nice. I mix it tonight.
  13. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    i've used the beta 57 on screams with good results too, i've got a small studio and on screams i use either my md421, beta 57, sm57, studio projects c1, gt electronics am51, i've even had requests for my 20 dollar radioshack mic with great results, that screamer actually wanted to use that mic for all vocal overdubs and not go with any of the shure mics, or condensors, or my green bullet mic for a kind of filtered sound for extra parts, depending on the singers expierence, i'll either mount it up in a shock mount, or just let him hold it. i just ask them now a days, if the want to hold it or not,

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