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Mic Pre-amps on MOTU 828

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Joseph, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph Active Member

    Hey- any word on the quality of the mic pre amps on this baby? Thinking about buying a couple Rode NT1's or one NT2 (or maybe the NT 1000, or NTK) Or who knows what kind of Mic! I'm going down to Boston tomorrow to check out Mic's for myself. Can only read so many reviews before saying, Damnit!- you want something done, you gotta hear it for yourself! But back to the subject. Comments about the MOTU 828, or mic suggestions would be appreciated as well. I will send benevolent blessings throught Astral planes and the Force to all who answer!
  2. Hi,

    I've got this new iBook and I'm plannig to buy a 828 too. Many people say mic pres in 828 are better than digi001, that wouldn't surprise.

    Rode NT1... I've recorded a whole album with one of those (just one, for almost everything acoustic): very nice mic. It makes good couple with the single Art Tube Pre.

    Thanks for the blessings... and, if you already have one of those 828 by now, how do you like it?

  3. SonicLogic

    SonicLogic Active Member

    Hey Joseph,
    Have you looked into the 896? They look relatively hip. Mind if I hang onto your thread coat-tails and inquire on our mutual behalf?
    I am also thinking about going the Motu route. Thoguhts anyone?

  4. Joseph

    Joseph Active Member

    By all means good sir- feel free to hang on this thread! The 896 does look very cool- like something out of Star Wars. For what it's worth I ended up buying the 828. Now, granted I have never bought a AD/DA converter before so I really can not compare it to others but I absolutely Love the thing! I'm using an iMac so it was pretty much my ONLY choice- unless I wanted to go the USB route. I am very happy with AudioDesk- it sure beats the pants off of using my old Tascam 464 (analog). Digital is definately the route to go. I haven't used the 001 (no PCI on an iMac), and didn't bother with the Quatro so I really can not give a totally informed opinion- but hell! I am just so damn happy (really) with my setup- it may not be the fastest, biggest, badest, G4 thumpin' system but it works for me. Compared to where I was a year ago fiddeling with analog, I am in heaven. Now, I need to decide if I want to buy the Glyph M Project- my spidey sense is telling me just to buy a Lacie and use the money I save for room sound reinforcement and a set of monitors (I'm so sick of using earphones!!!). I'm thinking about buying a set of the Mackie 824's. The big drag is I live in Vermont (actually I Love Vermont) so it is either a trip to Montreal, Boston, or Albany to get my hands and ears on equipment before I buy. A border crossing is out of the question- customs would just LOVE a long haired hippie freak like me to come through- I'm not really into anal X-ray drug searches! (Don't you just hate unecessary parentheticals).
  5. Joseph

    Joseph Active Member

    CURSES!!! Foiled again!!! Okay, my mistake. It turns out the Mackie 824s are $579 PER speaker, not for the pair. Help me... I'm slipping into a vast money pit.... but what the hell! Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?

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