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Mic Selection

Discussion in 'Recording' started by LunchBox42, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. LunchBox42

    LunchBox42 Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    Just stumbling across this site, I am half tempted to make it my new Homepage. :)

    I did a search and came up empty so I apologize if it is a cross post. I also apologize as I am not sure exactly where this question fit with the vast topic choices. So:

    I am in the prep stage for doing a recording for a local acapella group. I am going to be running Sonar + PreSonus FireStudio. The dilema I am having is about mic's. I have access to a MXL 909 Condenser, and an Audix VX5. Which would be better? I know neither are the best mic's and I am on a budget (which is why I posted in this form). I own both mic's but if neither one will do the trick based on previous experience from anyone on the forums, then I am willing to get an other mic to add to my closet. Though if one of these two will do the trick, I would rather do it for now and save my credit card the hurt.

    Just some background on how the recording will be done to help with the microphone application question:
    The way the group wants to record and I think its a good idea, is they will record dirty tracks for all the songs, and then do vocal dubbing 1 by 1 using the dirty track as the reference track until they have the complete song and all the parts.

    Many thanks ahead of time!
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I would make th best of what you have. Use the Audix and put the MXL back in it's box.
  3. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    This is a good time for you to learn the difference in microphone quality!

    Normally I'd say "I agree, do what Hueseph sez", but I think in this instance you should use both mics to get the 'dirty' tracks (most of us call those scratch tracks, btw), and once they're done do you're own A/B comparison to see which you think sounds better of the two.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Good advice as usual from Bent, but you may find that the mic that works better capturing the whole ensemble for the scratch track is not the one that gives the better solo result for the overdubs. That said, the 909 is not a mic I would turn to for this sort of job. I have never used the VX-5, but it is designed as a hand-held stage mic with a proximity effect at the low end, so you may find that distant use is lacking in bass.

    Doing the recording this way exposes you to the danger of a very dry result once you mix just the overdubs and mute the scratch. Where's your stereo image going to come from - straight panning? What about ambient acoustics - applied reverb? It depends what you want to end up with, but be prepared to have to put a lot of work into the result to end up with something you are satisfied with.

    Good luck with the project, anyway!
  5. LunchBox42

    LunchBox42 Active Member

    Thanks for the info!

    Well, I do not want to waste their time so maybe I should look into droping a few pennis on a new microphone.

    Yes, you are correct about the stereo effect coming from the panning. It would be nice to do the whole group at once if I had two nice and identical microphones, I could do a choral type sound but thats not what they are looking for.

    Most of the effects will be post recording Sonar PE. I expected to do alot of work going into this. I am sure I will end up ready to rip my hair by the end, but if the end result is great, then it will be worth it. :)

    Ok: At risk of sounding like an idiot, what about going with some regular dynamic mic's? I mean, I think the group has about 10 of them mixed brands. I heard talk of a couple beta58's and some equivalents but not Shure brands. What if I put each member in front of one of those, and recorded everyone simultaneously as a group instead of doing each person individually with overdubs?

  6. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Try this topic: (Dead Link Removed)

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