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mic techniques ?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bluesdudeo, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Any one know of any good books or websites to learn about microphone placement and other techniques ?

    Thanks ...I will not pay ...I will not ...but in the end I must.
    bluesdudeo 8)
  2. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    found tweaks so far ...very helpfull
  3. sushifish

    sushifish Guest

    here's a nice basic drum tutorial. looks good to me. :cool:
  4. johnwy

    johnwy Well-Known Member

    Professional Microphone Techniques by David Mills-Huber and Philip Williams.

    The book is available at Amazon.com
  5. tedcrop

    tedcrop Guest

    In my opinion...by no means genius.

    1 mic on the kick inside close to the beater--I use MD421
    2 small diaphram condesors above kit in the center in an x/y you need a good stand and a stereo bar is helpful. Google x/y micing pattern. I use KM184's
    3 SM57 slanted down towards where the drumstick hits the snare
    4 A room mic about 4-6 feet away from the kit. I use R121. But a Lg condensor will do.

    You need to tune the drums good. And get the overheads high away from the kit. And if you have a small room you need to treat the walls and cieling. Then try group all of you drum tracks through a bus and apply some mild compression to the sub mix. Then thorugh some super squashed compression on the room mic. If you can gate the snare and kick do so and throw a little reverb on the snare. In the end you will probably need to eq the kit to taste. I know you did not ask for this last part but thought I would add it anyway. Because I remember when I was looking for mic placement stuff on the web and this was just some of the things I have learned since then.

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