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Microphone and Interface help

Discussion in 'Recording' started by BlissedandGone, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. BlissedandGone

    BlissedandGone Active Member

    So I am finally getting around to setting up a simple home recording area.
    I have about a 700-900 dollar budget and have come up with a couple options but I need help with microphones. I am looking for a mic that works well with my voice (good low and mid range, nice and warm, not too tinny) and also can record acoustic guitar well.

    One option is to spend more of the money to get a better condenser mic, or it was even recommened to me to try out a shure ksm9 hanheld condenser mic because of how versatile and warm it is live or in studio. then the rest of the money can be spent on an affordable interface like fasttrack pro or fast track ultra. with that and a nice cable it would be around 800 or so.

    the second option is that i could buy the apogee duet which i hear very good things about. the pres in it should be really outstanding for sound quality. i fear it wont be used to its potential because i wont be upgrading my recording software for awhile and will probably just be using garage band. with that interface id also only be able to afford a 200-300 dollar condenser mic.

    which option is better? what other options should i consider? should i spend more on the mic or more on the interface or more balanced or what? what are some nice condenser mics in the 500 dollar range? Is using the shure ksm9 for recording a bad idea?

    thanks so much. hope my first post wasnt too long. :)
  2. BlissedandGone

    BlissedandGone Active Member

    nobody wants to help out? :(

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