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Mics for Field recording

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by buscon, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. buscon

    buscon Active Member

    I am buying some equipment for doing some field recording, ambiental sounds, natural sounds but also machines, rocks, chains: everything i'll find on my way, both indoor and outdoor. The main purpose is collecting sounds for music making.

    My recording device is a Dr-40 Tascam.
    Microphones: the whole me/k6 collection (used at ebay ;) )

    Now I was thinking about slowly upgrading my mics to some more professional ones.
    I've just bought a used mkh 416 (paid 480€) and I am comparing with the me66(paid 230€): I still need more time to deepy understand the 416, at the moment i don't notice a huge difference (I am listening on some Adam A7X), for sure not a difference that justify the double of the price.

    A real upgrade would be the mkh 60 or the 8060, but they are both out of my budget at the moment.
    I was reading good things about the AT4073: would be that an option? or better to wait for more money or some luck on ebay and get the mkh 60?

    Or maybe better to invest more money on a recording device?
  2. mberry593

    mberry593 Active Member

    I have some experience with ME 62 & 64 and quite a bit of experience with the 416. IMO all are excellent. I don't believe you will achieve much unless you go all the way to a 60. That won't sound any better, it just lets you work at a greater distance. IMO what you already have are excellent microphones.

    Perhaps you might consider something else. Do you have trouble working in the wind? Around here, people use Rycote 'softy' windscreens.

    Softie® Windshield » Rycote

    An alternative is the Rode blimp but I have never used that one.

    RØDE Microphones - Blimp

    btw, the microphone of choice for TV working in hurricanes is the ElectroVoice RE50. I know that's not what you are looking for, just throwing it in for a comment.
  3. buscon

    buscon Active Member

    Thanks for your comment: hearing that I think I will sell the mkh 416 and keep the me66.
    The main focus of my recording is sound quality, the little details that just hi quality mics can pick up.
    As you said, i'd get such an improvement with a mkh 60 or a 8060.

    About windshield, I am using the WS6 of Rode:
    RØDE Microphones - WS6
  4. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    I've used the AT4073 before and gotten really great results. It's lasted quite a few years at the recording school I worked at, even with STUDENTS handling it all the time. (And when I say students, think toddlers banging toys around, only in adult bodies)
  5. buscon

    buscon Active Member

    Thank you for your answer.

    I have never tried the AT4073 but on the paper it sounds quite good.
    Anyway is now out of production, do you know the name of its successor?
  6. DSPDiva

    DSPDiva Active Member

    Audio Technica makes a few shotgun mics. Check out the AT8015 and the AT8035.

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