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  1. Hello from typically rainly 'ol england.

    My band mate (possibly unwisely) bought a second hand Tascam M-16 to use as our recording mixer, and got rid of his soundcraft ghost (one of the cheaper ones...but which i thought was a good desk) and it will cost £700 to get the Ta-scam up to scratch at our local electrical repair shop.

    Does anyone have any direct experience of the M-16 and can comment on it's quality, (notably the quality of the pre-amps, or lack thereof) say compared to a Mackie 24 8-bus (which you can pick up for £600-£700)??

    Does anyone have any other tips for a second-hand mid-range desk £600-£1000/$1200-$2000?

    And finally, can anyone comment on the raindirk/chilton BBC desks as input mixers (these are in the price-range too and i've heard GOOD THINGS!!)

    Many thanks,

  2. Codemonkey

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    That guy is spam. Ignore him.

    While I'm here, where the hell can you pick up a 24 8-bus for £600? I found the new 24-4 bus listed at about a grand.

    Are you fixed on 24 channels or could you go less/more and is there any requirement on outputs such as needing X amount of buses?
  3. The mackie 24 channel 8 bus is available often second hand on ebay at around £650-£800.

    We're not fixed on 24 channels - we're only recording with an otari 1/2" 8track and then doing further overdubs/mixing within protools...we only really need 8-10 inputs at one time for the size of studio that we have.

    really keen to hear anyones experience using a raindirk...
  4. Codemonkey

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    I was thinking you can probably get a better quality unit with less channels around the same price.

    A sort of Channels-Quality-Cheapness triangle.
  5. moonbaby

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    I used a Raindirk in a broadcast facility in New Hampshire several years ago. Can't remember the model#, but I was struck by the clarity and presence of the mic preamps. My VO's sounded BIG through them. I was told by an engineer there that the build quality was very good ( the board looked very simple and solid) and that it was designed by Pierre LaFont, a Canadian broadcast whiz. It would sure beat the hell out of a Mackie 8-bus.

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