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MIDI controlled multi-pole filter?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by schizojames, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. schizojames

    schizojames Active Member

    Does anyone know of a filter (comb/notch/HP/LP) whose frequency can be controlled by midi note messages? If so, is it possible for the frequencies to change to match the notes. For example I would press C3 and the filter would jump or slide to 130.813Hz. Despite the narrow spectrum represented by 7 octaves, this would be a great VST. Sometimes the conflict between the "tune" of a filter and the tune of what is being filtered get to me, but because of the resonance issues this would be more of a creative effect.

    Thanks braniacs,
  2. aztec

    aztec Guest

    I did a plugin using tha concept about 2 years ago, never really finished it, i saw others develop similar effects and gave up hehe.


    You can get philterkeyz from scuzzphut (free) which does what you want.


    Info " This plugin is a filter whose cutoff frequency is controlled by the incoming midi notes. Useful for creating burbling filter lines like those crackin old "sample-n-hold" riffs."

    Take care
  3. schizojames

    schizojames Active Member

    Just what the doctor ordered...Thanks aztec!

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