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midi controller help!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by recordjunkiehtx, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. recordjunkiehtx

    recordjunkiehtx Active Member

    okay here's my problem i got a casio wk-110 midi keyboard it has no midi input or output, i just have it connected to my desktop pc threw usb, which is {type A} to {type b} usb,my problem is that i am going to purshase a delta 1010lt soundcard and i wanted to connect my keyboard threw either the midi on the delta 1010lt or threw the serial on the delta now how do i do that if my keyboard only has a USB type b output? is there an adapter out there that has type b to serial? or type b to midi? and if there is then where could i find one?or should i just purchase a new midi controller with the proper inputs&outputs.

    { Remind U Type B USB are the smaller square like type usb} thnk you for your help
  2. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if a USB-to-MIDI cable adapter would work in that direction. It would certainly work from computer USB to keyboard MIDI I/O, but I'm not sure about the reverse.

    Why do you need to change it? Why not just leave it there to communicate with keyboard, and use the MAudio for the audio?

    The sequencing program should be able to route the tracks to the proper places.

  3. recordjunkiehtx

    recordjunkiehtx Active Member

    Okay thanks i get you, so my midi would run threw the delta soundcard either way if its threw usb or serial,u see i didnt know,i just thought it might soundbetter if my midi controller was connected to the delta soundcard thanks.
  4. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    You may not need MIDI running through the Delta, unless you are running MIDI-triggered samples as audio through it. Then, it's passing audio, it's not really the MIDI "data" that you are worrying about..

    You should be able to input MIDI data from the Casio into the computer and into the sequencer through the existing USB, and back out to trigger sounds of the Casio, if you want.

    You'll have to set your track(s) in the sequencing software to whatever MIDI channel(s) you want the Casio to transmit/receive, and set any recorded audio tracks to route through the Delta. That includes any MIDI tracks that you may want to trigger audio samples, including both recorded MIDI data, or played from your Casio through the sequencer program and out the Delta. (Last example: Input-USB (Casio); Output: Delta). If you record Casio MIDI data in, tweak performance, and want to use Casio onboard sounds to record back in as audio? Take the recorded MIDI track, route it out to USB (Casio), plug audio cable(s) from Casio into Delta inputs, create a new track to record to routed to the Delta as input, arm, and hit "record".

    If you end up with MIDI and linear-recorded audio in one composition, you'll want to set the sequencing program to have the audio as the master timing, and MIDI follows it. Audio does not follow MIDI timing well, at all. This goes for if you are inputting more MIDI data in from the Casio when recorded audio is there, UNLESS, you disable the audio tracks to input more MIDI.

    If all you are doing is playing a MIDI composition, or recording more MIDI data from the Casio, with no linear audio recorded, then MIDI as the timing is fine, even if you are playing back MIDI-triggered sample instruments through the Delta.

    Since that is a PCI card, and you are using just that USB connection, I think you SHOULD be OK. If you had a USB digital I/O and a USB MIDI keyboard...I'm not sure. Probably should work...but...

    Basically, just be aware at all times of the individual tracks' routing...and timing scheme you use for which circumstances. I almost gaurantee there will be more than once when you wonder what's happening, and then you'll remember.

    Let us know if all that works. I may have missed something. Never know.

  5. recordjunkiehtx

    recordjunkiehtx Active Member


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