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Midi Recording MPC 3000 vs. Mac running Logic 7.0

Discussion in 'Logic' started by lxx, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. lxx

    lxx Active Member

    I know this is a way of comparing Apples with Peaches but although.
    I used to have an mpc 3000 LE and worked aswell on a Mac Running various versions of Logic.
    Regarding the midi thing I have the idea that the MPC swings more from itself.
    Am I crazy is this between my ears or is it really so.
    The thing you can do with a computer are much more and almost everything is possible but it looks to me if the MPC simply sounds better. I also had an MPC 4000 but this machine had almost no difference in swing when I am comparing this with to my computer.
    Why I am writing this ? Because I am thinking about an MPC 3000 again....
    I would like to hear your opinion and experiences.

  2. dnaflr2

    dnaflr2 Guest

    I am the former owner of an MPC 2000. I currently use Logic w/EXS-24 as my main beat machine. I agree the MPC does have a magic to it. I think one thing you are missing is the interface...
    Have you looked at the pad interface Akai makes? It is essentially the same as the MPC.
    As for the time, I agree with you as well. The MPC does seem to have a timing "thing" all of it's own, however I am sure that this sort of thing can be mimicked in Logic as powerful as it is.
    You should also consider the signal path. Maybe the D/A in the MPC is more to your preference than the current setup A/D D/A you are using w/Logic...

    Also, and not least important.. There is a certain magic about hardware. For example I know there are alot of great plugs/sof synths out there, but I prefer to use my hardware synths. Even if they are noisy, or not greatly compatible they have distince personality.

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