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mike recording: starting over?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by o1kric, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. o1kric

    o1kric Active Member

    Hi, newb :-o Have been using a DIY sound booth for recording vocals - mic through mixer through interface to computer (Vista 2Core / MixCraft6 software) and it has worked okay. However, I am having to shift rooms around and now might need to use a room with no computer access to lay down basic vocals and acoustic guitar. Can the forum suggest a basic stand-alone recording unit which I could hook up to a mike and mixer and get good quality vocal / audio wav files from please: hopefully a portable unit which can interface with a computer &/or be USB compatible? Thanks :)
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    i think any of the cheapo potty studios would do ... just be sure they have the ability to do a usb transfer

  3. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    You haven't said how many tracks you need or given us any idea of what you are prepared to spend. I'm also a little worried by your mentioning a mixer in the same breath as recording.

    At the lower end of the scale are the type of devices that Kurt mentioned, of which the Zoom H4N or the new H6 are examples. You can record on to these and then plug them into a computer USB port to transfer the data.

    Higher up the scale are interface units Like the RME UFX that can record to a USB stick or external hard drive which you then take and plug into a computer.

    Further up still are things like the JoeCo Black Box recorder.
  4. o1kric

    o1kric Active Member

    Thanks. I have a mini digital Olympus recorder which saves in wav. I was thinking that I could hook it up to a mixer - maybe my Alesis 4 - then run a mic to it through the Alesis? MultiMix 4 USB Four-Channel USB Mixer

    The Olympus is neat, it breaks down from a battery powered recorder into a USB key, so when you have a wav on it that you want to work on, you just open up the usb and plug it to your computer ;)


    Of course the big issue is going to be getting decent, clean audio - may take some experimentation.
  5. o1kric

    o1kric Active Member

    Thanks, I use MixCraft so the track amounts are only limited by the Ram - can get 8GB onto the Vista so that should do it. I want to spend as little as possible because I am moving from a set-up which works into a new audio space, but the big shake up is going to be recording audio though, cos I am losing my vocal booth. Would probably be prepared to go in for a new mic if it would suit the Alesis, which is nicely portable, along with the usb Olympus wav recorder. The larger mixer [Yamaha MG 102c] is generally static and I channel instruments through it to a usb interface which plugs into my computer. This will be a temporary set-up in a new space, will probably move on from there, so looking for tips and suggestions in the meantime.
  6. kmetal

    kmetal Kyle P. Gushue Well-Known Member

    if i was gonna drop cash on something new, instead of some multi channe;l mixer, i'd just get a nice pro quality channel strip, or a pre amp. this will help you after you get your booth setup back. depending on what mic your using (and whether it already sounds good or not on your voice) the order of importance is the same as the physical chain. mic>pre>converters.

    btw, mike is the guy over at the bar that tells funny stories, mic is the thing that records stuff :)
  7. o1kric

    o1kric Active Member

    Thanks, yes that guy mike has a lot to answer for! :D

    Gonna experiment - my Alesis Multimix has preamps, the Olympus is just a thing that will create a wav file for me. I've a dynamic xlr mic + pop guard which worked well in the booth, I am hoping this arrangement will do for now, but I will obviously need to put the Alesis through its paces to get the best possible results from the mic. I hardly used the Alesis after I got hold of the larger Yam mixer, but the Multimix is totally portable so will come in handy.

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