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mini mac

Discussion in 'Recording' started by rockdrummer027, May 11, 2005.

  1. Does anyone else here think the mini mac is a great idea? You can use it to start recording with accompanied by a firepod or other such firewire device, and if your studio grows, you can still make use of it. Extra processing power, more storage, or just for a computer to put internet on if you dont want to risk viruses on your high end machine.
    I found a site thats giving them away and its actually legit. I know when you see the free stuff scams you just close them but something caught my eye on this one and i did some reasarch and it is legit. You complete one sponsor offer and get ten friends to do the same. Gratis Networks gets a bounty for your completion of the offer and that times 10 is more than enough for them to buy you a gift.
    Heres the link to the site:
  2. jonnyc

    jonnyc Guest

    sounds like you work for that company. duc.digidesign.com a forum where plenty of guys run mac minis
  3. actually, i dont work for them. i did anticipate that response though. im just trying to spread the word that its legit. I need referrals to get the mac so if your interested, use my link please.
  4. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Distinguished Member

    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    Actually you do work for them if you are supplying refferals.

    I have a Mini, I'm using Logic Express7 and DP4. I have no problems doing sessions of 32-48 stereo tracks, recording to an external 7200 rpm firewire drive.

    I also have a 1GHz Powerbook, the mini is slightly more responsive than the Powerbook.


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