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mixer to 002rack or vice versa

Discussion in 'Recording' started by SunDaze, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. SunDaze

    SunDaze Active Member

    Hey all, first posting,love the forum.
    Im setting up to record live and wanted input as to the pros and cons of the instruments and vocals going to the 002 rack/pro tools, before the mixer .We use 8 channels so it could be done.
    Using a g4 macbook pro. Will it handle the plug in effects without ruining the quality of the tracks.?
    I was wondering if it would be worth eliminating floor noise from the desk effects.(soundcraft passive desk with lexicon fx)
    any feedback much appreciated ,
  2. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    Are you talking about using the PT plug-in effects instead of the Lexicon for your live sound? I assume also that you are suggesting taking the FOH sound from the 002r outputs and then through the Soundcraft desk to the power amps.

    I would be wary of doing that. I think you would be better to run the live sources into the desk and out to the FOH power amps conventionally, and take the channel outs (direct outs or insert outs depending on the model of desk) to the 002r line ins for recording. That way you are not hostage to latency problems for the direct sound, and if your PT session bombs out during the gig at least you don't lose the FOH.

    If the latency is tolerable, you can use another desk channel to mix in the output of the effects plug-ins via an 002r out instead of the Lexicon effects. However, I would be careful about loading the MacBook too heavily with plug-ins in case you start to get dropouts in the recorded tracks.
  3. SunDaze

    SunDaze Active Member

    thanx Boswell,
    Im just getting my head around the set up as we are fledglings.
    Now I know which way to set up. We are trying to minimalize the amount of
    gear to set up etc.
    Im sure I,ll be back with more questions as we progress.

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