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Mixers on a budget

Discussion in 'Recording' started by trippinblly, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. trippinblly

    trippinblly Guest

    ok kiddies...need some mixer help. I am looking for a mixer to record my drums(4 mics) and another for guitar mics(2 mics)...any suggestions or personal preferance??? my budget is $50-$200 per mixer. the only thing they need to do is work with garageband..thats it. thanks
  2. Calgary

    Calgary Active Member

    You're not going to get much in the $200 range. I'd probably say this is about as "low" as you want to go without ending up with a really cheap sounding setup.. An opinion anyhow:
  3. trippinblly

    trippinblly Guest

    Calgary, you seem like a knowledgable fellow...I am having trouble undertanding how i am going to get a mixer output into my computer. Im running a macMini currently. my understanding is this: From the mixer output, I run two 1/4" cables into my m-Audio Firewire solo unbalanced line inputs. Is this correct??? The firewire solo also has an S/PDIF input if that helps any. Anybody with info, please let me know...thanks
  4. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Run the mixer outs to the line in's on your m-audio.
  5. Calgary

    Calgary Active Member

    Thanks but I'm just a beginner. I wish I could help but my knowledge of Mac is a big zero. Strictly aesthetically speaking those Mac minis are sure a nifty looking little unit though. :cool:
  6. trippinblly

    trippinblly Guest

    awesome...i was just talking to someone who thought that was the way to go...but i wanted to ask the pros... thanks guys

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