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MixFest 2001 Volunteers

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Mixerman, Sep 3, 2001.

  1. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member

    OK, I have some announcements, and I need volunteers. Please read the following information, and if you can help, then please do.

    We are going to mix all 5 entries. Each person must pick one song to mix officially. What you do beyond that is your own business.

    Each song (ideally) will have 10 mixers. One person in each group will be the point man for setting up the chain of getting the files to the others in the group. It shouldn't be too expensive or too labor intensive for any one person.

    If you are the point man, you should be able to send out a CD of files to 3 people. Each of those 3 people can make copies and send them to a couple of people. If there's someone in the group that has a broadband connection, and can get it to our international users, then that would be great.

    I am not concerned with the fact that some will have the songs mixed long before others have gotten the files. That doesn't matter. All I ask is please do not send out your mix to each other until everyone has mixed the song. You DO NOT want to listen to someone else's mix before you mix it, or while you're mixing it. It will taint your perception of the song.

    First thing I will need is a volunteer for each song to be the point man. Once I have the point men, we will open up a thread for each song where you can sign up (again, I know but this is necessary)for that song. If I see one song getting too many people, I'll lock the thread, and you'll have to mix one of the other songs.

    I know this is going to cost each of you money. I don't want to get into collecting admissions, and paying for things, it's too much work. Most people will only have to pay a little shipping costs, and perhaps some CD costs. If you just can't afford to be paying shipping costs, let your Pointman know, and he will make sure you're last in the chain. If you choose to mix off 2", you're going to have higher shipping costs. That's just the way it is.

    3 of the songs can fit on a 2" reeel comfortably track wise, and time wise at 30ips. Those would be Blatchford, Here Again, and UFO. Each person that gets the 2" tape must pay to have it shipped to the next person. Perhaps someone has an extra reel of 2" that they could spare for this. I really wouldn't worry too much about being last in the chain on the analog master. You're not going to lose that much high end. It'll be fine.

    When we get closer to getting some mixes completed, we'll deal with the final hurdle, puting the songs on CD, and shipping them out.


    I need a Pointman for each song. I need a volunteer for a reel of tape. I need a volunteer to make the transfer of the 3 songs to analog. Sign-up here. If you see a Pointman already signed up for a song that you would like to do, you can sign-up as back-up, then the pointman can rely on you to help him.

    Let's see those names!

    Coming soon... The Rules.
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Im cool with being point on UFO, if no one can help with transfers im available. I can handle the 2" to dig or vice versa.

  3. mapostel

    mapostel Guest

    Although I'm in a remote location (relative to world) I'd be happy to be the starting point for "She's the Man".
    I could download if the files were available online.
    Shipping from NZ worldwide takes about a week if that's OK.
    I could handle 2" as well.


  4. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member

    Originally posted by Matthias Postel:
    Although I'm in a remote location (relative to world) I'd be happy to be the starting point for "She's the Man".
    I could download if the files were available online.
    Shipping from NZ worldwide takes about a week if that's OK.
    I could handle 2" as well.



    Matthias, I think that it would be easier and cheaper if the Pointmen were in the States, as that's where the majority of the CD's will go. Besides, since Evan is in LA and I've spoken with him, I'll be the Pointman for that song.

    I still need a volunteer for assistant Pointman for that song.


  5. Logan

    Logan Active Member

    Since I'm not in the states I won't volunteer, at this point, and I'd prefer to work on UFO and it's got a pointperson. So if the UFO pointperson needs help I'm willing,(but hey I draw the line at running coffee down to Florida). If a song doesn't get a pointperson state side, I'll be willing to do it (although I can't deal with 2"). So keep me on file as a reserve, if needed. Take Care Logan
  6. Mixerman

    Mixerman Active Member

    I think Canada is OK. So it's the States and Canada, which would mean North America.

  7. drumsound

    drumsound Active Member

    I've got a new reel of 499 we could use, but I'd like to get it back at the end of this. I may also have a used reel of 996. I need contact the guy I rented it to and see if he ever wants to do the second song on it.
  8. bportzer

    bportzer Guest

    I volunteer for the position of "assistant pointman" for "She's the man". I can deal with 2" or digital formats and have a broadband connection, and enough server space to deal with it.

  9. Logan

    Logan Active Member

    Mixerman said
    "I think Canada is OK"
    Fuckin' right, yer OK too EH. OK I'll sign on as point for "Here Again". It's the only one I can mix through the console anyway, without pregrouping some tracks. Got to get some more DA. Still like to take a shot at UFO too, but we can do that right? Is someone else going to transfer from the Tascam and send me a disc, to pass on, or how does this work? Take care Logan
  10. Originally posted by Mixerman:
    If you see a Pointman already signed up for a song that you would like to do, you can sign-up as back-up, then the pointman can rely on you to help him.

    I volunteer as a backup for UFO. I am in the SoCal area, close enough to get to LA easily. I can duplicate CDs.

    If nobody else is more convenient I can digitally convert the DA-38 tapes to wave files for Here Again. I cannot transfer them to analog.

    Empty Nest Studio
  11. radiophonic

    radiophonic Guest

    Grrr... I'd be glad to help with 'Blatchford' - I can't do analog transfers, so I guess I'd be a backup volunteer. I'm going on vacation tomorrow and won't be back until the 11th (camping in Maine... so I doubt I'll be able to check in)... so I hope I don't get left behind because of this. If so, please at least mark me down for mixing 'Blatchford'...


  12. Lenz

    Lenz Guest

    Arhh maaaan, just when it got interesting!!!

    I've got bad news.....I have just restored the old UFO tracks from backup............something very very bad has happend.

    I'm afraid the Snare top track is corrupted!!

    No i'm not kidding......it's ^#$%ed up, and i haven't got the slightest idea what happend to it.
    It's like the groove within the snaretrack itself has been altered......the kick bleed in the snare mic doesn't sync with the snare itself.
    Very strange indeed.

    Sorry guys, it seems the UFO has crashlanded.
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I may beable to donate a few fresh reels of emtec 900, im going to check the vault tomorrow. I had some stashed from a client who never showed up for session.

    I'll let ya know tomorrow night. If not...I can guarantee 2 new reels of 456 :- I have em sitting right here infront of me.Brings to question....if were passing around analog 2inch, what level should it be setup at? everyone has their preferences :)
  14. anonymous

    anonymous Guests


    Not a big deal, you have a bottom track right? we can just do a little sample replacement and align it to the bottm track. Can you get any clean hits? Also, what do you have it backed up on. If you wouldnt mind possibly sending the file to myself or someone else here who might like to take a stab at bringing it back.

  15. td

    td Guest

    I would be willing to mix Blatchford if it's 24 tracks or less, but as I'm Digi only I couldn't be point ....... can't deal with tape, but will help any other way that's needed. Let me know

  16. Rader Ranch

    Rader Ranch Member

    i'll handle all the cd-r's for London Town...i can't do anything about 24 trk's though.
  17. NEVE8068

    NEVE8068 Guest

    Hey I can do the Radar and 2" stuff but I am leaving town for 45 days to go mix some other albums. In about 10 days so If I can help let me know. Mark Owen

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