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Discussion in 'Mixing & Editing' started by j barbosa, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. j barbosa

    j barbosa Guest

    I'm currently on a dilema.

    I'm tired of my digi001/mackie 1604 vlz combo. Over the years I've been buying nice microphones and outboard gear, like C414's, presonus eureka, etc.. and I've also been upgrading my studio in terms of acoustic conditions. The main sistem is just not doing it for me anymore..

    I was thinking about getting an RME multiface (that I can get for a very good deal) with cubase sx 3, that I really like. But I don't like mixing inside the computer.. (I like to feel the hi-hats on the right when I pan them, and I don't get that inside the computer).

    So, I need a mixer with inserts to incorporate the outboard and nice digital to analog conversion..
    Is it a better option to invest on conversion (like apogees) and get a mixer like a second hand d8b, or should I just come right out the RME into a proper mixer like a TL Audio M4, with nice warm analog feel??

    I work mainly on hip-hop, jazz, afrobeats, funk and electronic stuff.

    Hope I can get nice sugestions.. :shock:
  2. jahme

    jahme Guest

    buy a digital one..like the yamaha one. i own a mackie digital x-bus so i'm just way too good.
  3. wavline1820m

    wavline1820m Guest

    yeah, you could go with a digital board. the makie hui ;s are nice, and of course the yamahas, or1 or 2...or the yamaha ox1, is smaller but quite nice....

    another, cheaper solution, would be to buy a couple of the behringers BFC2000. with full automation, pan pots, and other freatures, it really works well.

    there you go....no more mixing, with a mouse.......bye bye mousey

  4. Mr-Nice

    Mr-Nice Guest

    What do you mean?

    Panning is panning and the results sound the same whether you do it on an analog board or within a computer.
  5. 3dchris

    3dchris Active Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    I recently purchased mackie d8b and I'm extremely happy with it. the converters sound really good to my ears and the functionality is superb. Going back to mixing in software would be like going back to stone age for me.

    just my 2 cents

  6. tar_tay

    tar_tay Guest

    How many tracks would be able to get controlled with Behringer BCF2000 in Cubase?

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