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  1. metamorphosis music

    metamorphosis music Active Member

    hey guys heres an instrumental chillout song im working on, dont have best monitors or ears so please ne suggestions for improvements n adjustments for the mix much appreciated

    drifting into eternity:
    Metamorphosis - ReverbNation

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  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    It's nice electronica. The abundance of high-end though it's airy, is killing me. The equivalent would be playing an all metal violin. How about an all metal grand piano? It's not full, not lush, it sounds like a bunch of metallic ants running all over the place. It's not a chill out but something more chilling to listen to. It's certainly clean sounding. Almost like cleaning something with sulfuric acid. Unfortunately that's how a lot of electronic music sounds. It's music for acid trips and mushrooms. Though it sounds well engineered overall. I'm not sure I could tell you what to do with this? The pieces have no real beginning middles or ends. It sort of doodles around for a while and then doodles some more and then runs out of gas. What happened to the vocals?

    Really I'm just kidding. It's cool stuff. Great to listen to with a piña colada sitting down at the beach watching the water lap against the shore, with the Dolphins swimming in the distance while you're getting a tan. Isn't this near the Dead Sea? Where's the matzoh? I guess the butter would melt too fast on the matzoh? But it does sound as crispy as fresh matzoh. As fresh as opening a fresh box of Manischewitz matzo. And man oh man... what a wine. I'm sure this goes good with Mogen David as well? Although this sounds more like sun-dried raisins than that of grapes.

    I was going to get Chinese food tonight but now I want a good hot corned beef on rye with mustard.

    I just love the joke, " where do Jews go on Christmas? To the Chinese restaurant. " And I can tell you it's Christmas in July in the Washington DC Northern Virginia suburbs today.

    I'm an Altschuler whose grand pops both came from Russia. So I'm not a German Altschuler but a Yiddish one.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. metamorphosis music

    metamorphosis music Active Member

    Hey RemyRAD, thnks so much for the feedback and wake up call which really needed. U were right way too much ear bleeding high end, n missing low frequencies in bunch of sounds, so i tryed making bunch of eq adjustments now. Please let me know what u think and if and what still needs adjustment
    thnks again
    Metamorphosis - ReverbNation
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I think I was an enormous improvement. Now it speaks to me. Yes, it was oh so soothing, ethereal, bubbling with cosmic multidimensional waves of fresh air and sunshine. Yes that was definitely a kickback, easy creation to enjoy.

    My only other recommendation would be to SELL IT! Because now it really sells itself.

    In our current engineering practices, everything has shifted from round, solid and mellow to loud, crispy, metallic and exceedingly bright. Which I have found to be exceedingly disappointing. I don't think most men realize that what they strive to hear, women already have the ability to do so. Women are generally smaller, lighter weight, thinner skinned which gives them the ability to perceive high frequency content more easily than men. And men as they typically do keep digging deeper and deeper. Not their fault really. It's really the same reason why so many men, today, don't like the sound of a 6 mil. diaphragm on a Neumann U87 as compared to many of the other manufacturers thinner 3 & 1 1/2 mil thick diaphragms on other condenser microphones. That lush high-frequency detail is not lost on a six mil diaphragm. It may however be over augmented on the thinner diaphragms? That doesn't constitute better. It only constitutes a difference. And I think most men make the mistake that when your ears are ready to bleed it's only now... good?

    But wait guys! Aren't most are you writing this stuff in order to get chicks? You actually might be chasing them away with an overabundance of high-frequency spectra. But then how would you know if you can't hear it to begin with? And that's why God created woman. We need to keep you guys balanced LOL. In an off-balance way. LMAO... see? I have now become more beautiful with a slight reduction in low-end. I certainly don't need to boost my hi.

    I think Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and others destroyed their career and life with too much high-end?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. Wizard of mixing

    Wizard of mixing Active Member

    I don't think to the highs were that bad. True, they were slighty jacked and made the mix sound kinda cheap.

    However, what I found distracting was the panning. I felt my eyes watching the left and right speakers as if i was at a table tennis match. I can't lie it was annoying as hell.

    This is one of those times where that crazy SOB phil spector was right.... This mix needs to go back to mono.

    other than that, it sounded ok.
  6. metamorphosis music

    metamorphosis music Active Member

  7. metamorphosis music

    metamorphosis music Active Member

    thnks again so much guys for all the motivation, which just let me into a mixing frenzy last night, made adjustments to almost all the sounds turning down lots of highs some panning work... i think big step closer to finished but really want this thing to be as good as can be, so if please have another listen, and let me know any suggestions for improving it further, thnks
    Metamorphosis - ReverbNation
  8. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    I really think you've nailed it! That sounds spectacular and feels just as spectacular. For sure for sure, you got this down. It's solid. It's full. It's big and fat. It's a mellow groove. Lovely female sotto voce'. And she's sitting there so pretty. I guess you can tell I like it? So what were you wasting our time for since you are obviously this good? LOL

    I needed that respite from this documentary film editing I'm losing my mind over.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  9. phydrian

    phydrian Active Member

    Great work. I didn't hear the first version, but the current one sure is some nice ear candy. Listened to it on my studio monitors and also in my headphones. And it really opens up after that vocal bit. Sounds like you know what you're doing! Proceed!
  10. metamorphosis music

    metamorphosis music Active Member

    awesome :), sounds like its ready then so off to mastering, thnks again guys!

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