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  1. Hello everybody,

    How is everything going? Are any of you using Samplitude to mixdown hip hop and if so what is your general process as it relates to mixing down the music? For others generally what are you using and doing to your mixes so they stand out.

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    what kinda hiphop is it? "downsouth", new york sample based, westcoast sound?

    1 thing for sure... COMPRESS THAT THANG! ;-) hehe... everything gotta be upfront. but on the other side i mixed down some tracks with classical and country elements. i had much more space in the mix.

    u gotta compare the track to what's on the market.. and see how they do it... every style is different..
  3. East Coast style hip hop.


    I posted my basic mixing technique on your other post about getting you vocals to sit in a mix.... try that... i think it will help.

  5. thanks shineboxnj that is a huge help and I am shocked that I did not think of it.
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    so how the hell do i find it ?


    Sorry, i should have posted the link.

    (Dead Link Removed)


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