Mixing in 5.1

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by CharlesDayton, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. CharlesDayton

    CharlesDayton Active Member

    Just wondering if there are enough people on this forum mixing in 5.1 to merit a section on this?
  2. dwoz

    dwoz Guest

    I was talking to one of my buddies a short time ago. He had just gotten back from the UK, where he was assisting on the DVD 5.1 remix of Quadrophenia. He was tapped for the gig because he was the FOH soundman for that tour, back in the day. Nobody else today (even Pete) had any idea how to approach it with justice.

  3. Derm

    Derm Guest

    Im certainly interested in learning about it, but dont have anything to contribute at this point
  4. Are they going to rename it Pentaphenia then?
  5. dwoz

    dwoz Guest

    more like pentaphilia, most likeely
  6. CharlesDayton

    CharlesDayton Active Member

    I feel like these days 5.1 is in a similar place to early stereo. Remember the early stereo Beatles records? Vocals in one channel and instruments in the other. eventually engineers realized what stereo was for; creating space. I believe 5.1 is just an elaboration of that concept and thats what most music mixers are missing.

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