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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by mikecornett, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Unfortunately, I was born into an era where mixing 'in the box' was commonplace, and mixing out of the box was for the old guys, or the young dudes with the odd vinyl collections...

    I understand how to mix using a combination of a DAW and a console, but what I'm unsure of is the signal chain for mixing with a lunchbox/rackmount set of Pre's, EQ's, and Compressors...

    Does someone care to enlighten me on this subject? Perhaps point me to existing threads, etc.

    So for recording, I've got the pre's, eq's, and comps in racks and boxes...Little to no basic EQ'ing is done going in, as well as compression.

    I'd like to bring the recorded mix from the 'box' back out to these pre's, EQ, and compressors for mixing levels, eq, and compression, then back into the box again as individual channels...

    I know about passive summing boxes for a final master mix, but for the individual mixes, I'm stumped.

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    If you bring your already recorded material into an additional set of pres all you will be doing is adding an additional gain stage and consequently, noise. You can use the compression if that suits you. Simply route the outputs to the comps/eq. If, however you plan on sending this all back into the box presumably to a new set of tracks, there's a few things you have to consider:

    1) If you plan on doing this in one playback/recording session, can your machine handle it?
    2) are you planning to send these to a multitrack ATR first?
    3)Make sure you have everything set exactly as you intend it in your final session. Once you start playback/tracking there will likely be noticeable latency, which can be an ear-sore.

    I have to ask Though, what is your purpose in doing this? It seems more logical to me to track with all the outboard gear and leave it at that.
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    I hear you...I'd like to ideally use nice rackmount EQ and comps, and not use any in the box. As for the added gain stage of running through the pre's again, that was my mistake...Didn't intend for that to be a part of the signal.

    I'd prefer to NOT track w/ EQ or compression...tough to go back on something already squashed or EQ'd improperly upon tracking.

    I prefer to use EQ and compression during the mix.

    clue me in on a multitrack ATR? What does this stand for?

  4. hueseph

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    Audio Tape Recorder.
  5. Boswell

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    You seem to be using the word "mix" rather loosely if not incorrectly. Are you really talking about mixing OTB or adding EQ and effects via outboard units and then mixing in the box? You don't talk about having an external mixer, which is what you would need to mix OTB. You don't need external pre-amps if you are working with already recorded tracks.

    If you want to go the external mixer route, then send all your dry recorded channels out of the computer via D-A converters and into the line ins of your high-quality analog mixer. Use the inserts on the mixer to take the channels you want to adjust through your EQs and compressors. Take the stereo output of the mixer back through A-D converters into your computer. If the mixer has only unbalanced inserts, it would be valid to route the mixer inputs via the EQs instead of using the inserts, but you would have to be careful with your signal levels.

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