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Mo-Phatt Vs. Korg Karma...what ya input?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Teacher, Sep 24, 2001.

  1. Teacher

    Teacher Guest

    Which one do u feel is better for melodies...particularly hip hop and RnB
    I also have the mo-phatt predecessor the planet phatt so factor that into the which one i should get equation

    i wasn't sure which forum to put it in keyboard or h/w so u can close it if it doesn't belong
  2. Teacher - your post is beter directed at the keyboard forum.

    for what it's worth though,

    - the Karma is more than a sound module, It has a built is sequencer - yet it's real feature is that it can really variate the patters/sounds in it. think of it as an arpeggio-station, one that you can tweak out hardcore. You can also expand it with the same sounds you would a triton

    - the mo phatt and it's likes, they are just sealed up sound banks of sounds, riffs, stabs, and rythms - that, a sequencer - and someone with one hand can make phat beats.

    personally - if you want to maintain any originality at all, I'd go out and either buy a sampler, or a computer and use some soft-sampling software.

    that and alittle creativity will take you alot further my friend.
  3. Teacher

    Teacher Guest

    I have both already....i use an ASR-X as my sampler, Sonar as my software looking for additions, tryna go the more original composed route cuz when u sample the person that owns that rights has u by the balls
  4. waitgoiter

    waitgoiter Guest

    You could try sampling something that doesn't belong to anyone. Just a thought. :roll:
  5. Teacher

    Teacher Guest

    can we get off the topic of sampling? i can still do that while i have either peices of equipment
  6. sjoko

    sjoko Guest

    Had the same problem:

    I solved it by buying a new Yamaha Motif, which made that problem go away, its awsome. Before you buy anything, go have a play with a Motif.
  7. Originally posted by sjoko:
    Had the same problem:

    I solved it by buying a new Yamaha Motif, which made that problem go away, its awsome. Before you buy anything, go have a play with a Motif.

    dang man - that board is not going to solve anything! I admit it has a some pretty good sounds in it - and people have since dropped the triton like a red-headed step child...

    yet it's just a really expensive bank of pretty decent sounds, with an OK sampler, and some keys.

    get a computer - a controller, and start looking for the sounds that you want, and if you can't find them - make them!

    youre going to feel pretty bad when someone pegs your recordings down to the keyboard you own - and they will
  8. Teacher

    Teacher Guest

    with that response the karma looks like my choice because of those wonderful karma controls
  9. sjoko

    sjoko Guest

    I'm so grateful for your concern microman, but really, don't worry! Its an addition to the samplers, Rolands and Korgs, and I'll guarantee you that you will never be able to identify where anything I ever use comes from :roll:
  10. JSt0rm

    JSt0rm Guest

    Just my .02

    Get a kurzweil k2600. Thats one deep piece of gear. Or you could find a k2500 used right now for some great prices. Agian a great piece you will use for years.
  11. sserendipity

    sserendipity Member

    Another piece of info to digest - the Mo Phatt and planet fat don't share the sample set - the Mo'Phatt is all new. The planet phatt, audity extreme and orbit sounds all went into the XL-1.

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