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Monitor + Interface Recommendations

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Calvin, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin Active Member

    **This is a copy from the Recording Instruments Forum. I do not know if it is allowed to duplicate but I figured that I may get more accurate responses here. Mods, feel free to delete if you take offence to this - thanks. :)

    Hi there! I'm pretty new to audio recording...So new that I have no gear. I currently have a great fast iMac with Logic Pro 9 installed. I will be recording a lot of bass guitar and most likely using two monitors to practice lightly on in my bedroom. I would like some recommendations. My needs are not drastic as I will most likely just record electric guitars, basses, my double bass (mic'd) and some synth/moog keyboards. I will record one instrument at a time.

    My budget for the Audio Interface is $500 dollars. I have been recommended the MOTU 4pre and PreSonus Firestudio Mobile. Any thoughts between these two or are there better options? I like the LOOK of the Motu better, it's more expensive but the Presonus seems more functional. It has midi in/out (I have no idea what that would be useful for) and it also has the inputs through the front. I however cannot find out what the signal to noise ratio is for either unit.

    In terms of monitors, I think that two 8" should be okay to record a double bass and bass guitars on with the possibility of using them as practice/reference monitors? My budget for 2 monitors is 1200 inclusive. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Calvin

    Calvin Active Member

    There are over 300 people viewing this forum. Why are there 0 replies? It's a very simple topic...Not impressed with the lack of traffic.
  3. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Not impressive:
    1. Your ability to do a basic search.
    2. Your manners.
    3. Your ability to read forum rules about cross posting.
    4. Your assumption that the Mods can just take time out to clean up your mess.
  4. Calvin

    Calvin Active Member

    I simply do not have the time to do a search and peer through every little response. If you don't want to help me then don't reply. It's very simple. I don't like my time wasted. Someone was kind enough to respond on the other forum. Unlike you, trolling around here is not my full-time job, thanks.

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