Monitor Mixes for a cappella groups

Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by chadmw7, Aug 29, 2008.

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    I sing with a group of 8. Monitors have always been an issue for us. We're about to switch to in-ear in the next few weeks. In talking about in-ear monitors, the issue has been brought up of giving different singers/parts separate monitor mixes. Since vocals are completely dynamic, I'm not sure how we can ever blend if we're not hearing what the house is hearing.

    I'm not talking about overall volume or eq or reverb or anything like that. I'm just talking about the volume of one part in relation to another. For instance, if a soprano has her own mix where she's louder than everybody else, doesn't that make it impossible for her to be sure she's blending with everybody else in the house mix? It just seems to me that the only way to go (a cappella, that is) is to use the same mix relation that's being used in the house.

    Can anyone who's been at this for years and years give me some ideas? Pro groups?
  2. Spase

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    If you're having separate and different monitor mixes, then you don't worry about blending. That is the house engineers job and you have to trust them to do it right. If they know their job there should be no problem.

    If you're mixing from stage, then I would say you'll almost have to use the house mix and everyone will have to try and blend, though this will be totally different than blending with out any reinforcement.
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    What do you mean by "blending without any reinforcement?
  4. bent

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    Why have monitors always been an issue?
    Too much feedback?
    Who has made the decision to switch to IEM's?
    Are you normally indoors or outside?

    I'd consider mic options before diving into a whole new monitor system.

    What are you and your group using for mics?
  5. bent

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    I question the IEM for this reason:

    Check out the price - for just one of the members of your group...
  6. Spase

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    I have only been on the other side of the board so I don't know all the issues you might see, but I would think that blending yourselves off a mix wouldn't be exactly the same thing as blending without the use of amplification.

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