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monitors required budget is 1200$

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by Deusx, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    i as now proceeding to get the best possible monitors pair for my home studio up to 1200$ priced, and i ve been suggested for Genelec 1029A pair.
    on the websites price is between 1100$ and 1200$.
    what i would look in the monitors features basically will be dynamics at low and high volumes. bass, treble and mid response.
  2. LittleDogAudio

    LittleDogAudio Active Member

    The best way to pick a monitor is to take some very familiar source material with you to a store that has a good selection and listen.

    Monitors are a personal choice and what may work for one person may not work for another.

    Make sure that you give yourself a lot of time to demo the different monitors and varied playback levels and don't let a sales-weasel talk you into something that is overly hyped.

  3. JBsound

    JBsound Guest

    What LittleDog said is exactly right. You really need to hear them. Don't buy them the same day...take some time and try them in different situations w/ different music. Don't go just for the ones that sound great, but also try and see which ones would actually expose your flaws and allow you to mix a better product.
  4. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    i actually have to buy them from abroad, USA perhaps, i've no access to any studio currently so listening for me before buying them is not possible, this is a risk i am taking but i want it to be taken only for once, i mean the thing i get doesn't appeal me than i don't know what i would do with it, but i was suggested by my friend for the genelec 1029A pair, we both have a pretty much similar taste for music.
  5. JBsound

    JBsound Guest

    Some other pairs to look at in a similar price range are the KRK V8's and the Dynaudio BM6a's.
  6. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    Just picked up the Event Precision 8s. I like em...
  7. jonnyc

    jonnyc Member

    I second the event precision 8's. Incredible monitor for the price IMO, and I love the way they look. You should check them out, put them on your list.
  8. PCM

    PCM Guest

    I have krk v8's and have used the event precision 8 monitors...the KRK's are better IMO, but the dynaudios are superior to both. Do yourself a favor and get the dynaudio bm6a's....
  9. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Either the Genelec's or the Dynaudio's, or Tannoy's or Mackie's, or anything else in your price range(Without getting too large) will make you weep with joy(Particularly if you have no way of testing them against anything else or each other, which always prompts meaningless niggling.). For me, I'd sacrifice the low bass, for now, and put all 1200 dollars into the 6" size instead of 1200 dollar 8's, maybe later opting for a sub, or a more expensive pair of larger speakers if you need more bass(Though, I warn you, you'll have to triple your budget to hear meaningful diference with most source material.)...

    I didn't mention the Events, as I have yet to hear them - may be great too?

  10. mds

    mds Guest

    I've never liked the Mackie's. Overhyped(literally and figuratively) in my opinion. I really don't like the weird imaging they have. Others will probably disagree, but I think the other brands mentioned will offer better results.

  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    That would make me others
    How is it that if Yamaha NS-10's became studio standards after all the tape that has been put over the tweeders, because of the over powering high end, and the endless complaints about ear fatigue due to mixing with these monitors.
    The Mackie's are fine IMO, they are the best monitors I've ever had. And they don't blow tweeders like my NS-10's did. :(
    I really like the HR824's and they have better low end response than most other near feild monitors.
    I also like the Event 20/20's, but I think they stopped making the 20/20's.
  12. mds

    mds Guest

    I don't recall recommending an NS-10. I freaking hate those! :D

    I like the 20/20s as well.

  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    I know, I just wanted to make a point about the Mackie's. They aren't as bad as "recording studio standards" :lol: NS-10's SUCK!
    Sorry the Mackie's aren't your thing. But that's what makes this forum great. Opinions, opinions, opinions
  14. mds

    mds Guest

  15. CharlesDayton

    CharlesDayton Active Member

    NS 10's did not become a standard because they were great speakers, they became a standard because of the huge lot Yamaha manufactured at once. Because so many were made at once, their specs tended to be identical from one pair to the next. From studio to studio you know what you're getting, acoustics of the room aside. Also, they are sort of a higher end Auratone. If you can make your mix sound good on these, it will translate to a crappy boombox, or car stereo.
    As to the $1200 monitors, you have to listen to them. Having said that, if a monitor has decent imaging, and dynamic range, you can adjust to most flaws. The Genelecs, I find to have an overly hyped high end, which makes me want to eq the "air" out of some tracks. Knowing that, if I'm mixing on them, I think first before reaching for the EQ. I also mix on Event 20/20 bas, which have a bump around 1k, so I adjust accordingly.
    Remember, the more you can hear, the better your decisions will be.
  16. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Another one. And the 20/20's are so frinkin cheap. Anybody that does not have alot of money to throw down on monitors, that is reading this, should look at getting a pair of the 20/20's.
    Instead of wasting your money on some of the bullcrap that is out there,---- the ones that sound good some of the time, but sound like ass most of the time :lol:
  17. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    I wrote a review - the Event ASP8s - at http://electro-music.com/article.php?t=4614

    These are pretty decent monitors in the low end category.
  18. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Again, kids... The poster said he would have no chance to listen to any of them before purchase and that he would have to order, by mail, from a l-o-n-g distance. My comments stand-up fine, here... As long as one has no way of comparing the different monitors in the same space, with same material, the minor differences of any $1,200 pair of monitors are - at least practically speaking - meaningless. Inotherwords, all the mentioned monitors sound "different", but not different enough to truly matter - they are all pretty darned good.

    Best thing for the poster to do is to set his budget - He did, $1,200. Try to spend it all(This is not BIG money for monitors.), but not a cent more, stick to the budget. By the way, this may leave out the Mackies - Here, where I am, the 624's are 900(Not enough - though really nice speakers!), the 824's are 1400(Too much - they're nice, too.) - no prob, just the way it is. Look over the reviews/ads/web sites for those speakers at that price point keeping in mind that a 1200 dollar 6" pair "should" be "better" than a 1200 dollar 8" pair(Just physics here, you'd be spending more for less - a good thing.). Try to choose only reputable "known" dealers to establish actual cost, as opposed to "list price", checking on shipping and handling, too, as some charge unreasonably more for S&H, and some won't "do" other countries. Then, pick the pair that would seem to suit. The deciding factor may be "this one has 10 switches to change the sound", or "this one has no switches to change the sound", or "these will fit better", or "even though these 8's may not be as "good" as these 6's, I believe I will appreciate the extended bass thay may offer"(Or not?) or maybe even "these are prettiest" - doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter!

    Again, ANY pair of legitimately priced, 1,200 dollar monitors, with specs to fit the situation, and nothing else to compare them to, will be lovely, guaranteed....

  19. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    I got my Dynaudio BM5a's shipped here to Alaska for a total of 1027 bucks from Musicians Friend. I'm absolutely in love with them. I've listened to KRK's and the new Events (the shiny black ones) and liked both of those, but I like the Dynaudio's even more. not quite as much bass as either of the other two, but just a damned good sound.
  20. axel

    axel Guest

    genelec 8040's my personal fave, by far...
    going for about 900 british pounds, should suit the dollar budget!?

    event and dynos are fine monitors, too

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