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More detailed and open- Langevin Dual mono or Sytek?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by tubedude, Aug 18, 2001.

  1. tubedude

    tubedude Active Member

    If anyone has hands on with both, which is more detailed? Which would you choose if you could only have one? (not counting the fact that the Sytek is 4 channel). Does the Langevin have a good "iron" sound to it, or is it more transparent?
    Also, is the new Great River mp2nv as detailed as the original, or is it way different? Which do you prefer?
  2. rivers

    rivers Member

    i have the Sytek with the 2 burr brown mods and im pretty happy with it.i havent had a chance to audition a lot of pres but it seems fairly transparent esp on the non burr brown channels,the bb channels add some "character".

    Ive heard the Great River,etc might be more "3d"sounding but for 750$ im satisfied,im now looking for a non transparent pre(new GR,Neve,Api,etc to help warm up my digital recorder and give me another flavor.

    Ive also heard nothing but good about the Langevin

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