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motu 2408 sync problems

Discussion in 'Recording' started by willis, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. willis

    willis Guest

    Hi Guys, I'm using 3 x MoTU 2408 with cubase vst5 on a mac g4. I'm having a problem trtansferring a track from my Fostex DAT via the optical connection through my TC finalizer then through sp/dif into the motus and then into cubase as a stereo master file, which I can cut and export to burn. I'm getting digital glitches on the transfer. I'm setting the PCI console to sync from 2408 -1 sp/dif and setting the TC Finalizer to sync from 48kHz, but no joy. I've tried to sync from PCI internal, with the TC on 48kHz but the same happens but a different digital noise is heard.

    My mastering stuff is backing up and I'm going crazy!!

    Please help!!


  2. RMB

    RMB Active Member

    Unless you are syncing the Finalizer and DAT together another way, the Finalizer needs to be synced to the output of the DAT, and then the 2408 will sync to the output of the Finalizer.
  3. willis

    willis Guest

    Great, the system used to work fine, but something got altered and now I can't find the remedy. The DAT has never been linked to the finalizer other than by optical. Will the finalizer sync to the dat via optical link? And is it right to choose "sync from 2408 sp/dif" in ther motu settings?
  4. RMB

    RMB Active Member

    I don't know the Finalizer, but I imagine you can choose it as the clock source.
    In this case, yes.
  5. willis

    willis Guest

    All done, it was the audio prefernces in Cubase when you actually open a track that also had tb changed to sp/dif.

    Thanks, now a week of mastering starts!!
  6. RMB

    RMB Active Member

    Glad you got it fixed up.

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